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    I AM A FRADDICT! I worship Frank...
    Well I like music! I'm really like the one girl in my school who just CAN'T stop singing.. Even in class when everybody has shut up, you will still be able to hear me sing a song, or melody xD and.. I like music.. and MUSIC :D
    I've had a lot of interests, I used to take riding lesson, and I had been into a lot of sport.. But I guess that's just gone away again.. I remember that one time I just couldn't get enough of Rugby (American Football) whatever you guys call it, I don't care. xD
    well.. I also loooove to talk! like you see now, I just cant tell one thing, without moving to the next thing thats in my brain for that second xD
  1. Cupcakes. GIVE ME CUPCAKES! *^_^*

  2. altså jeg er fra Grenaa, men jeg er på efterskole nede i Sønderjylland :D you?

  3. Hah fedt endnu en dansker :D

  4. hey! jeg er ogs fra nedern lille danmark!!:D

  5. I know ;) and getting good grades! You're doing so well, and I'm so proud of you <3

  6. hyhy I have been in school everyday since the 6th of August :D I'm proud :D

  7. Really looking forward to the weekend at home, we'll be rocking it me and Helene! :D

  8. International MCR day is on it's wxy! :'D

  9. It just don't feel right...

  10. ''Take it down to the paradise city'' etc!

    KM said I could play the playstation for a while xD woke up right after them.. So I have like played since 6 in the morning xD

  11. LONDON... no wait!.... NORWAY BABY! :D

  12. Yeh right Mr. Osbourne.. Let's bark at the moon together? xD

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