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    Music, Sleeping, Magic the Gathering, Sleeping, Internet, Sleeping, Bass Guitar, Sleeping, Drawing(badly XD), and did I mention sleeping?
  1. Woot to all the killjoys I saw today! :D That was alot of fun! And cheers to the other Party Poisons! If you are on here to read this, I love you guys!!! :D

  2. Dude today was EPIC! Saw someone dressed as Mother War at Dragon*Con, wanted to get her picture but she was too far away. Are you on here Mother War!?!?!?? lol

  3. Why Doctor Who... why must you make me laugh and cry every episode. And yet I love you so much! ^-^

  4. Ugh I wish there was a nice way to say I'm sick of talking to you... -_-

  5. Sitting here, watching Frasier, and Obsidian sound asleep in one of my arms. lol Silly cat.

  6. Lost a great friend today. I still can't believe it. I've read the text so many times and I still can't believe she is gone.

    1. MetabolicMethane


      What happened? Are you alright?

    2. xBlackxDovex


      I got a text this morning that a friend of mine died in a car wreck last night. And I'm alright I guess... just really in shock.

    3. Amy 3173

      Amy 3173

      O: I lost a 'grandma' she's like my grandma... but through a marriage to cancer last week... )': I went to her funeral on Wednesday...

  7. It's been a scary day... a very scary day.

  8. Yeah that's all I want. It to thank them. They saved my life and I owe it to them to thank them and make them proud. It's the least I can do.

  9. Awww. I really hope one day you are able to meet them and thank them personally. That would be incredible. :)

  10. Yeah me too ^^' running away is one of the last things I would want to do, but if I have to I will ^^ I really wish I won the meet and greet passes, I wanna tell them this, 'Thank you, for giving me a purpose. I promise I'll make you pround.' to them ^^'

  11. Why do I feel so sick today!?!? *head desk*

  12. I'm not one to be alright with running away, but if you are 16, while it might be rough, if you want to move out on your own, then I wish you all the best of luck. Though you never know what might happen. Maybe things will get better for you. I really hope they do. :)

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