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  1. Hey, just wondering if you could let people know about the #WeAreTheMCRmy video that is being made, there is a website for it >> http://www.wix.com/lishlash/wearethemcrmyvideo we want as many people as possible and you would be the best at helping us with this. This video is gunna be a message to the world about who the MCRmy are.



  2. Still, that would've been weird!

    Thanks, well I do actually love physics so I had a good class :D

  3. ahahah yeh im fine, my strumming arm just went bright red xD and okay! have fun xD

  4. No! Aww are you okay? :(

    Sorry I've got to go to physics now, I'll talk to you later!

  5. i just had an allergic reaction to a guitar :0

  6. That's really funny :D

    I think so too XD oh Gerard...

  7. haha yes my dad is pretty awesome not gunna lie. He things gerard is 'very camp' xD

  8. You have an awesome dad, haha! That's so cool! :D

    Okay, bye :) have a good rest of the day!

  9. haha aww i went for my birfday with my dad, he likes mcr xD i have to go to english now.

    bye for now

    nice talking!


  10. Oh I see, I'm glad they're okay and not awful!

    OHHH MY YOU ARE SO LUCKY! WOW I bet you had a crazy fantastic awesome amazing time! The gig of their lives...

    I was even in London while the festival was on but... well long story short my parents are really protective. So I couldn't go on the Friday!!! Agh I won't turn this into a rant

  11. nah they are okay i guess. started in yr 9 now yr 10 :/ And yeh i went to Reading festival on the friday! Saw mcr! it was AMAZING. oh my god. so dham good, gee was sassy as hell and rays smile when brian may came on, ah, i have never seen them so happy in my life.

  12. England, whoa! I was just there over the summer. Did you go to Reading Festival?

    Ohhh jeez yeah that's good you don't need a language, probably one of my least favourite courses. What's weird is we don't have gcse's here :P are they really hard?

  13. England! near london. i have to do triple science. and maths! but thank god i dont do a language. the gcse's i chose are art, graphics, business studies and economics and IT xD

  14. I'm in Vancouver, Canada! Where are you?

    Ahh yes, I know exactly what you mean. Most of my classes are like that... it's what I get for choosing physics and math to study...

  15. Woah where are you??!

    Yeh, great fun, theres only like 4 other girls in this class, surrounded my boys -_-

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