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  1. Just played some Happy Wheels! All the levels crack me up! That and I like the gore and how all the characters cry out when they're in pain!

    1. Adrenaline Threat Angel

      Adrenaline Threat Angel

      XD U play that game? It's really big at my school

  2. Wow! It's been awhile! I don't know why I quit coming on, but hopefully I'll get back on more often!

  3. Hey! Been a bit busy and a bit forgetful! Hope everyone is doing fine!

  4. Finally put the quilt my granny made me for college graduation on my bed! I looked at it and told myself, "I think it's about time I do the right thing and lay it out on my bed."

  5. Happy Birthday America!

  6. What happened on July 2 will be imprinted in my mind for years to come- even if I'm married.

  7. Can't quit thinking about yesterday.

  8. Wow...another THREE inches over the last couple days. Let's hope this keeps up for the rest of summer. No extreme drought please. And why does it feel so awkward wishing happy birthday to a friend who won't hear it ever again?

  9. Got just under THREE INCHES of rain combined from spotty rain cells two out of the last five days! 2.75! We'll take anything we can get! Having a great summer- the reason for my absence on here. Hope everyone's is going the same.

  10. The Hollow Kingdom- Clare B. Dunkle. I checked it out from the library
  11. Wow...Big storm rolling in overnight. Let's hope not too much damage happens- like earlier today in Weimar...It's unplugging everything in my room and using my phone as my alarm tonight...Just in case the power goes off tonight.

  12. The whole Inheritance Cycle (The Seven Promises of Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Brightscales)! I LOVE that saga! I can't pick a favorite, but I like all of Eragon, most of Eldest, the second two thirds of Brisingr and most of Inheritance. It's the only series I can't pick a favorite from.
  13. Wow...I haven't updated my status in a month! Long story short, hanging out with my friends, mall trip, visit from my brother and the last couple volunteering weekends with appreciation lunch. That and my computer hasn't been on for any length of time. I use my tablet and iPod Touch

  14. Sorry it's been so long! I've done the second of the three weekends of the dress giveaway and starting to hang out with a college friend again.

  15. Been a busy weekend. First weekend of the dress giveaway-DISASTER. Let's hope this coming Saturday is better with more crowd control. Also meeting up with a friend on Thursday at 8th Dimension Comics!

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