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    Mad Men. Jimmy Fallon. My Chemical Romance? (need that be said?:D)
  1. Hi! Sure am and I'm so pumped! :)

  2. Hey! I saw that you were going to be in the pit for the Tinley park show, and just thought I'd say that I am too! Hi!

  3. We're a decent bit away. We live in Michigan and think it will be around a four hour drive, but it will be worth every second to get to see the guys again :)

  4. You know, I'm not too far away..I live about an hour south of Chicago, so I'm not too far away! How about yourself?

  5. That's funny about the flashing! I met some really awesome killjoys at their show in April and have hungout with two of them a couple weeks after the show (they live in another state so it's not easy to hangout but I love them both so much). Sorry for the tangent, we're going to meet some awesome killjoys! Are you traveling far to get to Tinley Park? Or are you in area?

  6. I agree! I've only been to one show, and didn't really meet anyone! (besides some kid who flashed me his chest in Starbucks. it said killjoys make some noise. but i never caught his name or anything. it was a strange experience hahaha)

  7. I hope to meet other killjoys there too! It's always quite experience to have all the killjoys converge on one place with a singular goal :D Hopefully once it gets closer, we can figure out some more fun things for the date, since it would be fun to meet another killjoy in the pit :)

  8. I am going with a friend, but she isn't a killjoy :( i think she's more of a blink fan :/ Sadly, I go to a very rural high school, and there aren't very many killjoys, which is truly a letdown. but maybe i'll meet some new killjoys there? :D

  9. Hey!! I saw you got pit tickets for the Chicago date, another killjoy and I also pit tickets for that date! :) What are your plans for that concert? Do you have other killjoys going with you?

  10. I saw you were going to the MCR show tomorrow, and if you don't mind, please go to this link and say your going to the show. I'll add you, if that's okay, and keep a lookout for you and we can talk about the show afterwards and stuff. Thanks!

    Link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=205600659462342

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