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  1. Hii ! Thanks for the view hihi :D

  2. Haha, no I never even noticed that! I learn somethin' new every day!

    No worries, duder.

  3. I'm always cool! LOL And of course your cool... did you realize your little flipping the bird in your profile picture actually is also the shape of WV? I always liked that about the shape of our state it's like the flying bird of the USA! That makes WV the 'fucking' awesomest state in the world! 'hahaha' Sorry I had to do it :) Sorry again for getting off on the wrong foot.

  4. I don't ever want to argue, but I'm always going to defend myself if I'm misunderstood. I don't want any bad blood with anyone, so apology accepted; I'm cool if you're cool. :]

  5. I posted on your wall to appologize, I dont find YOU obnoxious. Im sorry. I was already upset about finding out about the situation and your comment rubbed me the wrong way. I found the ha ha ha obnoxious. I dont want to fight with you. If you want to continue to argue, I dont. Let me rephrase. I found the verbage in my state of mind at the time offensive. It was my oppinion at the time. Im sorry

  6. I would have quoted you in the post, but I had already quoted the other poster, and im sorry but I didn't know how to quote two people in the same post. Your right you can say anything you want. I just personally took offence to your verbage I found it obnoxious. You have a right to your oppinion I have a right to mine. No harm no foul.

  7. R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor. <3

  8. Baby! I luff you. <333

  9. See, that's where the misunderstanding happened. I look at the eyeroll as more... "bitchy", I guess is the word, than you do.

    But, word. Consider it burnt. :]

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