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    Well, obviously I love My Chem.

    I also love Avantasia/Edguy/Tobias Sammet <3

    I love all kinds of music.

    I play the piano. :-D
  1. ...and they say theres no such thing as perfection. news flash. I found something perfect.

  2. Waiting for the family to come...Merry Christmas/ Christmas eve everyone!

  3. So I love the Ramones. What of it.

  4. Happy birthday danger days! And happy birthday to Ville Valo!

  5. Happy birthday danger days! And happy birthday to Ville Valo!

  6. Bleh. Had a real bad day. But hey, now Im chilling to some amazing music. There is nothing more soothing than music....with a male vocalist. Dont ask why I think that....I dont know.

  7. Say NO to autotune!!!!!!

  8. im SO f-ing doomed.

  9. I hate being sick. this is probably my ninth cup of tea for the day. my throat feels so sore...i hate that haha.

  10. I've watched this vid about 20 times today. Why? I dont know. But John is mezmorizing as all hell in that swivel chair.

    plus the song is awesome <3 and the band...
  11. Im going freaking nuts here.

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    2. Crazy


      *sigh* a lot. The thing thats really eating me today is being lonley, and not being able to run. I kinda blew my knee out, and running is really my only form of negative engery release.

      and a bunch of other crap on top of it.

    3. Lady_Godiva


      I'm here if you need to chat or vent.

    4. Crazy


      aw thanks. :) I just put a huge rant in the Dont talk to me about life thread if u want to read the whole story

  12. Out for the season...crutches...no sleep. Well. didnt I have a magnificent day -_-

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