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  1. Ahh your ex >:( I'm so mad at him. I'm glad you feel more comfortable and happier with the new boyfriend :D

  2. Yeah. He's a loooooottttt better :3 My last one, it turns out, only tried to use me sexually. He broke up with my because I wouldn't do anything (he didn't say that of course, but I figured it out). But Evan wouldn't ever do that to me, he's a lot different and a lot better <3

  3. Awww aww awwww I'm glad you have someone to make you feel great about yourself. Having someone for Christmas does make it better. :)

  4. I knowwww :3 And I'll actually have a boyfriend for Christmas! <3

  5. Me neither omfg It'll be so perfect :D

  6. And Christmas, I can't wait for Christmas :D

  7. I'm sure it will :3 it's one if my favorite holidays ^-^

  8. Yeah :D Aw, I bet it will be fun :D

  9. That's awesome :P My friend is doing my makeup :D

  10. Really? :D I think I'm going to be a vampire ^_^

  11. :D I'm so excited for Halloween :3 I'm gonna be a zombie ^_^
  12. Sure is! I need to get into the Halloween spirit xD

  13. Haha awesome, laziness is good XP

  14. Thank you :D My life has been busy. Mainly due to college, but I have a week off. I can finally be lazy :D

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