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  1. xD lmao yeah, your so smart! :D yesh indeed the fabulous killjoys are fabulous :3

  2. killjoys are fabulous *see what I did there* ;)

  3. yep :) i needed to add some more killjoys xD

  4. Hey, thanks for adding me :) x

  5. how many are you selling..?

  6. yes yes i do! :D how many other tickets are there?? because im willing to buy them all depending on how many ^_^ im so happy your like a saint to me :D

  7. I'm selling it for what I paid for with Ticketmaster charges and stuff which is 50$. It's Left Orchestra, Row FF, Seat 14.

    I have other friends who are no longer going to the show who need to sell their tickets as well, so let me know if you need another!

  8. that would be awesome! :D how much you selling it for?

  9. hi! i saw you posted about not having a ticket to the may 6th show, i'm looking to sell mine if you're interested!

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