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  1. what a cute pupper you have <3 I can't figure out how to attach pictures
  2. Wow, almost 2 months since anybody posted here. Well, just wanted to say hi if anybody was still around I'm doing pretty good. I recently got two kittens <3
  3. oh yea that's true, you were my lucky charm for all my exams time is flyyyying and now I have a master's degree with a heckin A on my thesis! I'm moving later this month! Into a bigger apartment much closer to the city. And cats are allowed <3 I'm so excited!
  4. I know right, it's so weird to think that I'm so close to getting my master's degree xD
  5. ahh right, I hear ya. Unfortunately, statistics is part of linguistics it's all moving forward tho! I'm at 46 pages and counting! Just started on the discussion section. AND! I got an email from a high school principal on friday. He said that he would like to invite me to a job interview and that he would call me today to set up the details My first adult job interview! And I haven't even submitted my thesis
  6. hahaha why does it make you nervous? xD and thanks. Now I've spent two days in bed because of a migraine... I don't have time for that shit xD
  7. thanks I need it xD but the reason why I'm so far behind is that I've been doing an empirical study, been collecting heaps of data and all that, and it's all taken much longer than I thought it would D: but now I have all the data and the results, I have supervision tomorrow, and then the remaining days until june 1st to write it all up
  8. I'm sure you did well! But I definitely know the feeling. When I submit my MA thesis in 11 days I'm going to feel exaclty the same also.... there's only 11 days left until submission deadline! AAHHHHH PANIIIIIIIIIC D: I mean. It's gotta be 50-80 pages, and I only barely have 20 as it is xD
  9. thank you <3 <3 omg we should DEFINITELY compare notes and have a proper catch up again sometime (wasn't I still in Aus last time we talked?) But yea, I mean, we're aiming to get married sometime within the next 5 years, so there's a bit of time to save up and plan it all ^^ and sounds like you're gonna have a blast at your wedding aww yea that's right, education costs money for you guys :/ I hope you can afford it at some point :3
  10. Hey hey just popping in to hear how everyone's doing I'm finishing my master thesis this MONTH DDDD: super stressful xD and as some of you may have seen on fb or instagram, I got engaged this friday! I'm so excited and it's so inconvenient in the middle of all the thesis work, it limits my ability to focus on doing my work because I keep drifting away and finding myself scrolling wedding websites etc xD So yea, I'm doing pretty heckin good
  11. hey hey, good luck with the whole moving business! I'll come and visit you then (I'll be in Norway by the end of august this year btw, for my second nephew's confirmation thingy )
  12. In other news: I saw a baby wombat this weekend <3
  13. yeah... just quite confused about what I want and don't want D:
  14. thanks <3 I'm happy you aren't judging me. Means a lot, bc I have a lot of friends who would :/ thing is, I really don't know what I want... I mean, I'm only here for one semester (for now at least). And I have a 3 year long history with the one at home, and only known aussie dude for a little more than a month, so don't really know if it would be worth it. Especially seeing as I'll be leaving in just a few months and don't know when I'll be coming back :/
  15. Gonna try to make it short... Might not happen tho. I ramble a lot. Now you're warned xD Right, well, you probs know that I have a boyfriend at home? That's all good and well. But me being me (with my irresistible baby face and adorable Danish accent hahaha), I was obviously bound to find myself getting in too deep with someone down here at some point. It only took a month! This dumbass that I met at my housemate's birthday party a month ago. We talked and he was being real dumb (in that cute/funny way ya know). But I didn't really think of him as all that attractive or anything (he has a beard. I don't like beard! yet apparently I do, I guess), although I did have a feeling that he might've been interested bc by the time almost everyone had left, he started to be all like "you cold?" and offered me to crawl under his arm. But I know myself. And I know that i get carried away way too easily for my own good. So I just lied and said that I wasn't (we were outside, it was night, it was winter, and the bonfire had almost burned out - obviously I was freezing my ass off). But yea. So we just continued talking about randoms for another hour or so, until he (as the last person of all) got an uber at 3am. Since that day we've been talking on fb/snap every day. And I've seen him three times since (would probs have been more, but I've just been on 2 weeks holidays). And yea. Thing is, that within the first week of our talking every day, somehow it all escalated and he started being all cute and making allusions, and I actualy enjoyed it a great deal. Was inevitable for things not to happen. Thing is, that I actually thought things were different this time, with the boyfriend I have at home. I thought that this time I wouldn't go ahead and jump headfirst into trouble. But as I've found out, the only thing that's probs been different is that I hadn't been outside of the country alone until now. Bc I seem to have this "curse" that no matter where I go in the world, I always get into trouble. And it kinda sucks bc I'm worried that I'm sorta falling for this stupid ass aussie. And it's just so typical of me! And please don't start to think badly of me. I'm really not a bad person, I think, even tho it maybe sounds like I am
  16. late reply, but it still applies hahah - but basically just me getting myself involved in boy drama haha D: and yea it's still relevant I'm afraid!
  17. Awww, Sonia, I remember that, we had some pretty great fun! <3 As a matter of fact, I actually am in a little bit of a predicament these days D:
  18. heehee I guess it's fair to mix us up, seeing as you ARE my little twinneh after all (Although I'm probably the one who's little XD) I had totally forgotten the "or am I just fat" thing. I should start using it again xD I'm having a great time down here btw. Making friends and catching up on Aussie slang xD
  19. Oh oh btw guess what! Last week I went to the store and I saw a girl with an MCR t-shirt... I was completely amazed. Hadn't seen that for YEARS! It made me smile
  20. Hi, yeah I am :3 pretending to be a cat owner haha (or he pretends to own me, I'm not exactly sure how it works xD)
  21. Hi guys Just wanted to pop in and see how it's all going. I'm hanging around on the other side of the world these days, which is pretty cool
  22. my visa to australia has just been granted
  23. Wow what happened here xD the boards are seriously looking weird compared to when I last checked in xD anyway, I just wanted to stop by and see how everyone's doing ^^
  24. so, we got a new bed today... it's huge D: almost fills the entire room xD
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