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  1. My Chemical Romance won the Kerrang award for Best Video for Na Na Na!

  2. exactly like you said "7 good years with MCR", indeed! Oh, unfortunately i never have been saw & met them ever...

  3. i agree with you.

  4. Hi!

    No worries,

    "MCR fan for just a couple of months" Oh, really? it's nice to find and meet new MCR fans in MCRmy.

  5. Hi, thanks for the adding!

  6. dawww ha Thank you! Hope you having a good day...

  7. voting for mcr! what about you?

  8. I agree! Oh,yes. Isil is my real name... It means shine,light,glitter,glow in Turkish! :-)

  9. Agreed! The weather isnt completely hot or cold nowadays.. that's why you cant decide what you wear. :-)

  10. i loved new album... it really worthed to waiting.

  11. I'm pretty fine -I just kinda feel sick today, Weird that It's April and I havent sick for all winter.i guess i'll have a cold.. lol

    What about you?


  12. Hi, no worries! -Nice to see you... :-) xo

  13. Hi, Thanks for the adding! :-)

  14. Thank you! I'm well, just updating the fansite -havent been updated well for a few days. ha!

    What about you?

  15. Oh, How nice! I'm good too, just came from shopping... :-)

  16. Hey! no worries. oh, Just updating the fansite! What's up with you?

  17. 4x4’te bugün 'My Chemical Romance' var 14:00, 18:00 ve 21:45'te Dream TV’de... :)

  18. glad that you are fine. I've been fan of MCR since 2004.

  19. at least you have been watched them as live! it's better than never. ha Yes, i like this site, so far.

  20. ha totally, I'm alright... except for the headache lol

  21. No, but rains so much... probably it'll better coming soon.. :-)

  22. Hi , it's been a while! How have you been? :-)

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