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    lost in Monroeville, kickin' up dust
  1. Lol, I was just telling Isil about the most random coincidence, I had to decorate my office at work yesterday for my boss's 60th birthday & one of my friends said she was glad she wasn't there when I was doing it cos she's scared of balloons. Then today I saw an interview where Gerard says he's nervous of balloons popping. I can now tell my friend she's in good company! :) x

  2. Yes I'm here! It's a bit of a nightmare to figue out but I'll try to come on regularly! What do you think to the Sing It For Japan video? xo

  3. yeah Laura is here =)

    I am confused by this whole thing as well

  4. I was going to say the same thing as hazelandchacha: best username EVER =) catched my eye right away haha

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