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  1. Gonna see my friends concert on wednesday and when I get money I'll get tickets to both of the Hollywood Undead and Attila shows that they have here.
  2. I can ship internationally too. I doubt there's anyone else from around here.
  3. RT @realmikefox: Mr. President, I never dreamed I'd be talking about the future with someone who's making History. https://t.co/i5swY8ksEB

  4. Some people do, like me and my friends, and shops do sell halloween stuff and some nightclubs, bars and restaurants do celebrate and have some things like if you dress up you might get discount and so on. But kids here don't go trick or treating on halloween . However we have a similar thing on easter but it's more of kids holiday and they only dress up as witches and wizards but in kid-friendly style.
  5. We don't have such things here, it's sad. I hope we would celebrate halloween here like people in england and america for example.
  6. He was pretty hilarious, tho he was pretty quiet at times because he was too drunk and feeling bad and trying to keep himself together. Like we were listening to Steel panther while trying to go to bar and we were walking ahead of him with his friend and every time we turned around and asked him how is he doing he would be quiet for a moment but then respond by singing along to the song playing at the moment like 'I fucked 17 girls in a row last niight' and we would just be with his friend like, okay you're fine, just hold on in there bro The film is a Finnish film and it tells a story about famous Finnish punkrock band tho they are not known outside the country. The band is called Apulanta and the movie is called Teit meistä kauniin which translates to 'you made us pretty'. I hope my friend can sort out her school things so she can come with us because she promised to be our driver if she can sort things out and she has a car and all. Otherwise i'm not going because the shooting is in so tiny village it's pretty hard to get there by buss and it costs a lot more. :/ The band has been one of my favorites since I was a teenager so going there and helping them make the film would be so exciting and it would be kinda like my way of saying thank you to them.
  7. RT @pakalupapito: be nice to me i may be hot one day

  8. I had a fun night last night. Met the guy I'm interested of again, he was still cute and funny but extremely drunk. We tried to go to a bar with him to see his friends concert but he wasn't feeling very well and at first we just went back to his house so he could change his shoes (other one of them were torn apart in way i can't figure out how he have gotten it like that) and after that tried to go there again but he started feeling worse and we took him home I ended up going to that show with his friend. It was a good choice, I saw some friends there I haven't seen in a long time. I'm also probably, if I manage to get a ride, going to a movie filming. They need people there for a concert scene and we thought with my friend that it would be a fun experience. It's also a big production movie that's gonna be on cinemas here around the nation so would be fun to see our own faces in a big screen.
  9. RT @SincerelyTumblr: im a really affectionate person once you get past my 5 layers of shyness, awkwardness, fear, vague dislike, and loneli…

  10. Fake pockets is something i do not understand. Like women wouldnt need them. Hate how they're trying to trick us into buying more bags.

  11. Just yesterday brought tickets to see Slipknot in January.
  12. RT @pakalupapito: its okill text myself back

  13. 11:11 tomorrows party is gonna be a succesd

  14. I heard there's x-men M&M's movie coming up. First angry birds and emoji movies and now this? Please just stop.

  15. I can see if I'll write something. Only I can't send a physical letter this quick, I doubt it will make it there on time but I can send it to you by message, I don't think I'm gonna be saying anything personal there. I'm a black veil brides fan, imagine our struggle when theres an interview or at least a mention of them or someone of them in every_single_issue. Actually like last year we counted with my friend in how many issues she has of kerrang they are. She had about 10 issues and 8 of them had at least a little mention about them or one of them. And shes not as big bvb fan as me and buys the issues bc other bands so that was not intentional.
  16. RT @mishacollins: I found myself inexplicably jogging past my ex's house this morning. (@BritishMonarchy, you still haunt my dreams.) http:…

  17. RT @pakalupapito: *arrives home* ahh good, now i can be ugly in peace

  18. RT @QueenOfHerz: The funeral of heartsAnd a plea for mercyWhen love is a gunSeparating me from you

  19. RT @creepygrrl: bryan stars: doesn't homework suck lol XDDeveryone: you're 25 stopbryan stars: you can't drown my demons they know how to…

  20. RT @pakalupapito: I wonder how many calories I burn when I run away from my problems

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