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  1. RT @pakalupapito: ppl: u should talk more!me: *tries to talk*- gets ignored - gets interrupted - gets talked over - no one pays attent…

  2. Plane leaves at 7 and we're gonna be changing a flight in Copenhagen and the change is about 4 hours and we're gonna be in London about 5pm.

  3. RT @Corrosivedetail: I wish you all take patience and time to hear the stories you've heard 101 times from your elders. They can't help it,…

  4. I sent my secret santa gift a couple days ago. It's on the way and I'm pretty positive it will be on time because it doesn't go too far away from here.
  5. RT @lesbiasia: if i ever come across arrogant please know its all a front i actually have zero self confidence and i sometimes just pretend…

  6. RT @ronjathepsychic: En oo ikinä ymmärtäny et miks jotkut vanhemmat ei anna yökyläillä vastakkaisen sukupuolen luona tai päinvastoin

  7. RT @bandssaveduss: Music will never judge you, just be yourself. https://t.co/ywR8T0wJ3z

  8. I need to show that puppy vine to mum, maybe it'll melt her heart and we'll get new baby doggie.

  9. Watching Michael Jacksons this is it again and seriosly i'm so blown away for how talented all of them, especially dancers are!

  10. Oh sorry I have completely forgotten about my secret santa assignment! I'm going to make something tomorrow and I hope it's gonna be there on time!
  11. OMG my friend is a huge 80's music fan and played that song like 10 times in a party we had last weekend. I've always hated that song.
  12. But the thing is that every time i get naively excited as fuck if someone promises to go have a coffee or something with me.

  13. Reason why i have been out of here is that the twitter app i have is a wack. Trying to be more active here and just ignore the bugs.

  14. RT @pearlmort: when ya man is telling you about his life and you gotta act like you didnt already stalk him and find out https://t.co/F0jud…

  15. I once had green hair for about half a year and before I started dyeing pink I could still find some green spots. And I had that green hair about 4 years ago.
  16. thought I answered here but my hair color is between 2-3. It chances a little. And I hate how my hair fades into orange.
  17. I love pink everything. it's my favorite colour. tho not much of my things are pink, but I have bright pink hair
  18. The urge of correcting peasants on things they're wrong is strong today.

  19. RT @joshweller: Halloween. Dress up and let your inner slut flourish

  20. Frank Iero and James Dewees. And it seems like they did be my baby cover.
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