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  1. I WANT A RICKMOBILE ?? https://t.co/d1yiX6otbs

  2. @sashaxmassacre Oh I wanna neet Elvira too ?

  3. Filming a music video for Manzana today! :) #sugarskull #gothmodel #halloween #sfxmakeup https://t.co/3TQQGj1GUC

  4. @nastynapalm @ajaqueen Aja is a must see!?

  5. @rocketqueened I'll join you

  6. Gonna do something fun on friday and it includes latex ? #gothmodel #fetish #fetishmodel https://t.co/T9ecij8yLG

  7. @ShellydInferno Me too ?

  8. @ChloeeMay2 Thank you. You too :D

  9. Half God half devil #halloweenparty #alternativegirl #alternative #altmodel #goth #gothgirl… https://t.co/lE3iX13ppD

  10. Living dead girl ? plagu_le_shock plagucreations #halloween #makeup #horror #zombie #nurse… https://t.co/F6RYYFjRoC

  11. Angel with the scabbed wings ? Juha Jokinen Who is coming to see Marilyn Manson in a couple… https://t.co/VyJeDG9XKC

  12. Karmiva karnevaali today in särkänniemi! Im at Tampere burlesques booth today in there, come say… https://t.co/jn6D6mah98

  13. HIM - Razorblade kiss ? #alternativegirl #altmodel #alternative #redhead #redhair #gunsnroses… https://t.co/vVbyrihpha

  14. https://t.co/jVkkXhixke I haven't been very active around here, but I just made a fb page for my hobbies, go check it out. :)#modeling

  15. I started working at bars so I gotta say goodbye to off weekends. Tho I can only take 4-5 shifts/month so it wont affect my unemployment allowance. I haven't been able to find a steady job, only occational, so that's why I have to say no to some of the shifts that are offered to me. Good thing about that is that I can still go to the parties if my friends just let me know about them soon enough.
  16. I have a few shows coming up: -The local band on 17th this month in Helsinki -Steel Panther in about a month, in Tampere and Helsinki -The Cure & Placebo in october in Helsinki, -Billy Talent in november in Helsinki. I'm pretty excited about all of these.
  17. RT @glumkid: when u thought u were over ur emo phase and then u hear about my chemical romance's possible reunion https://t.co/VPNRUCXa0E

  18. That noisy neighbour reminds me of my neighbours while I lived in Germany for a couple months. Tho they didn't argue or work at night but they partied almost non-stop. I love parties and hanging out with friends and it would've been completely okay on weekends only but shit they would start playing videogames on full volume while I was at work. Then continue on that the whole day until they would start playing shitty gangsta rap and EDM music through the night every day and usually I had to go to work around 8 am. I went there a couple times to tell them to keep it down, that didn't work out. Told about that to my teachers back home, co-workers (who told me they've tried to make him stop and that guy doesn't care about anything) and finally to my boss who was also in charge of the dormitories. My boss was the only one who could do anything about it, he moved him to another dorm but only like a week or so after I got back home. I'm so sick of having no job. I'm doing pretty well with income support but would do better if I had a job. And having no routine in a long run makes me feel I have no control over my life. Sucks. I've been sending dozens of applications but the only responses I have gotten is 'After receiving hundreds of applications we have contacted the applicants who will make it to the interviews. We are sorry to inform you that you have not been chosen', some of them doesn't even reply. THIS FEELS SO FRUSTRATING! I am trying my best.
  19. Queued for 30 minutes and the phonecall itself took less than 4 minutes.

  20. RT @SincerelyTumblr: don't date someone who says "alright text me when you're in a better mood" when you tell them you're sad/mad/etc

  21. RT @prklsuomi: mikä vitun ongelma näil perussuomalaisil on

  22. Mä luulin että oli jo kaikille selkeä että seksuaalisuus ei ole niin mustavalkoinen asia. #tyttö_poika https://t.co/DY7HedMx8H

  23. RT @ronjathepsychic: Suomitwitterissä on joo draamaa ja erimielisyyksiä, mut mikään ei tuo meitä yhteen yhtä hyvin kun euroviisut ja persuv…

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