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    Arts. Good music and movies. I listen many kind of music but my favourite bands are My Chemical Romance, Mötley Crüe, Marilyn Manson, Black veil Brides, etc.

    I love horror movies and my favourite TV-shows are Glee, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and True Blood. :)

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  1. Hi guys! I booked flights some time ago and I will be in LA 17th to 25th of September. Would be so lovely to meet all of you ❤️
  2. Finlands message to the europe: i'm sorry but we didnt choose who represents us. They only gave us power to vote wh… https://t.co/bLxtiY2zGv

  3. She devil ? @Zer0orb #fetish #fetishmodel #latex #latexmodel #catsuit https://t.co/42R0IeBDlb

  4. "With heaven above you, there's hell over me" ? @Zer0orb The whole gallery is here https://t.co/uHebn4oOOK… https://t.co/h9k4HbL7bb

  5. @British_Airways Can you dm me bc for.some reason I can't dm you :(

  6. Yet another fucking great show by @blackveilbrides @ccbvb @andyblack @JinxxBVB @JakePittsBVB and @AshleyPurdy in Lo… https://t.co/WP3sQCsqkG

  7. @ccbvb Just artived to london and im looking forward to partying with you all tomorrow♥

  8. Getting excited about the @AAofficial and @blackveilbrides next week, seeing AA for the first time. ? im gonna be… https://t.co/X5M3zvDeWF

  9. Throwback. Did this @joeyjordison look a couple years ago. Should I redo it now that i've had more experience? :D https://t.co/kkzDIuj3An

  10. @saraanni_ I'm starting to think I'm getting old, so I'm glad theres someone else of us who is not gonna camp out ?… https://t.co/sMwyPeJFEw

  11. Have been waiting for this moment all day #BookWorm https://t.co/xE04OKJr2p

  12. @JakePittsBVB Thankfully brought my tickets loong ago. Can't wait to see you guys again! ♥

  13. @QueenOfHerz Evee is my favorite ? https://t.co/JaB7o1b0vb

  14. The new season of Black Mirror was so good! ? My favourite of the episodes is still "white bear" tho.

  15. Got some pinup vibes from reading @DitaVonTeese s "your beauty mark" :D https://t.co/trUeKAqriq

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