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  1. I hear ya, Radar. But we were all so rushed, we are all fortunate just to have gotten in! After my mom and I both tried so hard for St Paul tickets, and couldnt get any.... we both were not taking chances with Tacoma. I ended up getting two tickets in the section right next to where my mom got 2 tickets haha. Now my bf and I are going to go with my mom and sister XD
  2. Floor was too pricey for me. We got seating in the stands but fairly good spots actually.
  3. Ours for Tacoma cost somewhere between $200 and $300 each. Everything included, it tallied less than $500.
  4. I looked at toronto and they ranged from $600 to $2400. WTF?
  5. I got 4 tickets to Tacoma 😱😱😱😱😱
  6. So stressed. An hour for our first attempt and 3 hours for our second
  7. Agreed Sonia. I think the whole summoning thing is like how Mikey put it. We summoned them back! We just couldnt say goodbye.
  8. Would you be able to hop over to a neighboring country? I either have a 15 hour drive or a flight for the shows I'm aiming for.
  9. I really hope they wouldnt be so dramatic just to announce a goodbye tour because we expect big things when they get this cryptic.
  10. I feel like this would be a lot of work creating a new thematic universe just for tour announcements. I definitely see some witchcraft/pagan or occult/magick theme album. Literally what my dreams are made of. (I'm actually a witchcraft practitioner of pagan faith now so.... #goals)
  11. That sounds very plausible. Fingers crossed we hear some new music in the next month or two?
  12. Most of the dates start in June right? They've got tons of time to drop something before all these dates.
  13. Well the tv symbols were the dates that they announced today So we just need to decode this symbol with a sigil chart!
  14. Their Washington show is the day after my anniversary with my BF and we travel to the Canadian west coast to celebrate, so it gives us a chance to travel down to Washington and Oregon like weve been dreaming of 😍
  15. The theory makes since, but I dont think they'd get us all so hyped up about a goodbye tour. I hope they're be more transparent if that's what they were doing. If I cant get tickets to those locations, I'll honestly buy them anywhere in the US. I had never seen them before the breakup, so I am taking absolutely zero chances this time around.
  16. I feel like they have to be with how thematic this has all been. Maybe they'll drop one in the summer before the fall dates? I'm currently planning to hit up the St Paul date and/or Tacoma.
  17. Hey all! Sorry I appeared for a day and then disappeared for a couple months again. I'll try to stop in more regularly. I'm currently busy working full time and trying to develop my art career, while also being involved in a billion other things so I get overwhelmed.
  18. You. Guys. I got back into my account . The band is back. The world is right again!
  19. Awww thank you so much! Heyyyyy! Im good! That feels so vague to say after being gone for three years haha How are you!? Hey Ash! Are you still going by that? Let me know haha I remember you too of course! It feels so surreal to be back here, somewhere that was so integral to my life 8 years ago! And that the band is back!
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