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  1. You. Guys. I got back into my account . The band is back. The world is right again!
  2. Awww thank you so much! Heyyyyy! Im good! That feels so vague to say after being gone for three years haha How are you!? Hey Ash! Are you still going by that? Let me know haha I remember you too of course! It feels so surreal to be back here, somewhere that was so integral to my life 8 years ago! And that the band is back!
  3. A wild Nevvie appears after years and years...
  4. Sorry guys.... what's the secret Santa plan? send cards to everyone this year? Weird site is weird
  5. Im in for whatever I'd love to do secret Santa (gifts or cards) with you guys!
  6. So crazy that it actually crashed. I'm paying more attention to your election than I did our own haha
  7. The house I just bought has a basement suite.... you're very welcome here!
  8. Not doing anything because I need all my money for lawyer fees and downpayment lol So night in with horror movies probably.
  9. I got the house! I'm so sorry for not being around lately. House buying and other things have been eating all my time.
  10. Uh oh! Time to find a new supplier? I have a house inspection today and if it goes well, I'll have my first home!
  11. Sorry for being absent. I've been so busy! Working full time and house hunting. Almost ended up with a house but timing was wrong. I'm leaving on a trip next week and it would have made everything stressful. I'm looking forward to having 10 days off work. Etsy Made in Canada market was yesterday. Didn't make a lot but hopefully the exposure will help! I'm doing another market on October 7th. Fingers crossed that sales are better. I really need a house so that I can run my Etsy shop properly and turn this into an actual money maker. Living in a basement suite makes it difficult.
  12. I'm trying to buy a house right now so there's that! Haha Also going on a little trip next week. And also have 2 art markets coming up and focusing on getting my online shop running since I neglect it so badly!
  13. I'm trying to help promote my fave artists Kickstart we project... this link takes you to his event page, but there should be links to the Kickstarter from there haha https://www.facebook.com/events/275002652882578/
  14. I've been on a crime kick lately. Watched season one of how to get away with murder. Then watch Making a Murderer and The Jinx. Any documentary suggestions?
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