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    I'm a diehard Frank Iero fan!! Been obsessively-stalkerish over him for about.. six years now 0.0
  1. Didn't give my mom anything for Mother's Day because everytime I do she just throws it away..

  2. Hahahaha! You should've called me like that! It would be really cool! :DDDD Well then, hello fellow James Durbin/Adam Lambert fan! :D Yay! I finally found someone who also likes James! :))) ---> Happy!

  3. That's a really dumb reason to abandon the guys :(

    That's such a long time to be a fan though, way to go you! (:

    I've only been a fan for about 4 and a half years now, but I'm loving every minute of it haha.

    Yeah, these boards are amazing, I love them

    That's not creepy at all...

  4. Yeah. So I'd like to curl up under a rock and die right about now.

  5. haha no I didn't mean you! It was for the creeps that 'guest' on here ;)

    An old friend of mine is who convinced me to listen to MCR back in '04 and now she's suddenly abandoned the band because of their new sound >.> I'm glad mcrmy is back online, I missed being around MCR lovers instead of haters.

    How long have you been a fan?

  6. now my photo is of frankie because my personal photo would NOT load. oh well. love frankie.

  7. I wouldn't stalk her anyway (:

    I don't either :/

    My friends literally hate them.

  8. That's good then, she wouldn't want me to be the reason behind a stalker :P Yeah she's awesome. Be even cooler if she liked mychem. I seriously don't have enough mychem friends!

  9. Ahaha no I don't think you did(:

    There's a ton of music stores here, and a ton of dog breeders.

    And besides, if she's 21 I guarantedd I don't know her lol, I'm barely 18 xD

    But she sounds realy rad (:

  10. I give up on trying to downsize my picture enough to fit in my profile! ergh!

  11. her name's Erin, she's a year older than me, and her family owns a dog breeding business, but she's trying to break out into photography. Not an MCR lover unfortunately, but she loves rock/punk music. you can always find her hanging out at music stores.. (yeah I've officially provided enough info for a stalker to get a hold of >.>)

  12. Really?! :o

    I wonder if I know her.

    I highly doubt it haha.

  13. aww no prob! :D Yep, she lives in st. louis! Met her on a guitar forum yeeears ago.

  14. Hi, I just thought I would tell you you are freaking amazing for finding me that picture.

    I totally owe you one <3

    And your best friend lives in STL? :o

  15. I totally blanked on who you were rofl so I should've said "hello fellow james durbin/adam lambert fan XD"

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