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    Music - all sorts
    Writing - would love to write kids books, will do one day! for now it's stuff with a more adult theme!!
    Movies - as a mum seen plenty of kids stuff but anything with Jake Gyllenhaal in it suits me fine :)
    Like to exercise when I have time - it isn't everyday, prob 3 times a week.
    Socialising (read that as drunken nights out!)
    Baking lovely chocolatey things.
    And I probably spend far too much time online

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  1. i love that as soon as news broke, we've all headed here to be together
  2. i'm ancient on the exterior but not inside!
  3. well the trend on facebook with the tag #takebackMCR confused me initially!!!

    1. Indifferent Ignorance

      Indifferent Ignorance

      Haha what was it for? Something in Manchester?

  4. footwear - wellies. or a different pair of canvas shoes or trainers for each day cos they'll be annhilated after a day of mud. even when it's sunny - there's mud. shorts and tees. again - disposable. bin bags - big dustbin ones ... useful as flooring, storage, rain protection. best advice for toilets - obviously yes to hand sanitiser and wet wipes, but for bog roll itself ..... have it on striing or rope around the neck like a necklace cos in the toilet cubicle there's nowhere to put the roll down and hands are often in use holding everything out of the way of the messy interior. so much easier to tear a piece off the roll as it dangles under your chin. and read the festival forums for answers to common queries. R&L has one - I'm guessing most fests do.
  5. shout it out and i'm sure we'll all be in agreement that it's the most brilliant idea you've had since the last most brilliant idea cos you are brilliant with ideas!!
  6. oh my lord. am i on drugs? that was completely weird! flash frames n all just about right for the odd day i've had i need to sleep!!!
  7. as soon as son saw Gerard's pic on FB/twitter he thought this is what he looked like I like it though
  8. feels odd when you get a notification that someone is following you on twitter, yet when you check ... they've unfollowed you, like they decided i'm just not worthy :P

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. StarSurfer


      I had two!! just cos i was tweeting G and wormy and jj stratford. she's replied a few times - then followed me briefly before realising the error of her ways. but at least i saw her momentarily on my followers list. the other was tommy tadeo - but he was superfast in removing himself. briefly, i was in with the in crowd ... then out again!!

    3. Indifferent Ignorance

      Indifferent Ignorance

      Ah it's okay, they don't know what they're missing. They'll refollow.


    4. StarSurfer


      hahahahaha. much chuckling.

      in all things - always quality over quantity

  9. heading to Leeds - woohoo!!!!!

  10. is it okay if I fangirl slightly cos G favourited my tweet?

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    2. RadarAnomaly


      Wow, what tweet??

    3. StarSurfer


      he asked the UK fans what song he should cover. i made two suggestions - then gave him an easier choice and cheekily said I wasn't sure he could do justice to the other two! that's the one he favourited :P

    4. mercipourlevenin__


      I threw an iron across my room when he favorited my tweet.

  11. curse my dental heritage ... 2 weeks into 2014, already had a tooth abscess (tooth out next week) and the whole top just came off a tooth on the opposite side. now living on diet of bananas!

  12. locked myself out of the house today - not the best idea I've had!!

  13. Note to self - when opening car door, move head from vicinity of door to avoid facial abrasions. Oh .... wait ..... too late!!

  14. Mission: Messsage to Gerard - URGENT - we need another participant as people have dropped out. Anyone interested?

    1. xInsanityBites
    2. StarSurfer


      you're in!! will message you later :)

    3. RadarAnomaly


      Yay! Glad you're in!

  15. woohoo - what a good week this has been .... divorce papers through, IMCRD & today sold the house! excellent :)

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