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  1. i love that as soon as news broke, we've all headed here to be together
  2. i'm ancient on the exterior but not inside!
  3. well the trend on facebook with the tag #takebackMCR confused me initially!!!

    1. Indifferent Ignorance

      Indifferent Ignorance

      Haha what was it for? Something in Manchester?

  4. footwear - wellies. or a different pair of canvas shoes or trainers for each day cos they'll be annhilated after a day of mud. even when it's sunny - there's mud. shorts and tees. again - disposable. bin bags - big dustbin ones ... useful as flooring, storage, rain protection. best advice for toilets - obviously yes to hand sanitiser and wet wipes, but for bog roll itself ..... have it on striing or rope around the neck like a necklace cos in the toilet cubicle there's nowhere to put the roll down and hands are often in use holding everything out of the way of the messy interior. so much easier to tear a piece off the roll as it dangles under your chin. and read the festival forums for answers to common queries. R&L has one - I'm guessing most fests do.
  5. shout it out and i'm sure we'll all be in agreement that it's the most brilliant idea you've had since the last most brilliant idea cos you are brilliant with ideas!!
  6. oh my lord. am i on drugs? that was completely weird! flash frames n all just about right for the odd day i've had i need to sleep!!!
  7. as soon as son saw Gerard's pic on FB/twitter he thought this is what he looked like I like it though
  8. i'm ancient!! but that's externally! inside i'm just as screwed up and confused as the rest of you. I kind of get the notion of there being generational conflict but I also think it comes down to personality. There's plenty of reasons why older generations might be disparaging of the younger ones, and in a sense that's really how it should be. Just cos often younger generations have seemingly easier lives than the ones that went before them, and older generations, increasingly aware of their mortality, begrudge that because they maybe struggled a little more. But there's also many aspects of younger peoples lives that are harder. so really, it's swings and roundabouts. But there are older people who don't judge, or rant about the 'yoof'. maybe they can see in the younger generations, the same behaviour they themselves exhibited as youngsters and understand that's how things work. and rather than begrudge them their youth or envy their freedom, they try to provide wise counsel by virtue of the wealth of experience they have. I hope I end up as one of the cool old people! Me and one of my best mates have decided when our kids leave home and are settled, we're spending a summer going to all the music festivals and generally behaving appallingly - just because we can hahahaha. leave our jobs, no mortgages to worry about - just have some well deserved fun
  9. hahaha. I have no idea as to the origins - but basically it's when everything goes wrong, plans fall apart ... it goes pear-shaped! why pears? don't know! what's wrong with being pear-shaped? nothing! it's a mystery, but it's a polite (and very British!!) way of describing a situation that isn't going to plan.
  10. Universal, with the whole family. on the basis that as it's your 21st you could (possibly) hope that they'll all make a bit of a thing of it and of you. and maybe your mum is kind of expecting you to do something to include everyone, rather than just for you (though it is your day so you should be able to do things for you not for everyone else!!) If you went with just her, would it be a bit strained? I seem to recall that in the past you've had occasions where your family haven't really gone to town on birthdays, and that you don't always see eye to eye. Would being just the two of you get a little tiresome and fractious? If the whole family went, would it be worse than just two of you? it's tough cos if you all go it maybe won't feel like it's being done for you as a treat, but as a family thing. But I guess if you go into it expecting it to not be a celebration for you - if it becomes that then it's a pleasant surprise. ask her what she wants to do. not in a 'you decide for me' kind of way, but in a way that shows you're considering the whole family and being mature and reasonable. Not that you aren't anyway but it never hurts to reinforce that notion to family/parents as they might sometimes still think of you as being younger/childish/immature etc. Voice it as "mum, I've been thinking that it would be fairer to everybody if we all had a treat for my birthday, instead of me being selfish and doing things just for myself. what do you think?" just an idea but if it all goes pear shaped, come to visit us on here and we'll do our best to celebrate in a virtual way
  11. ^^ yep. it sure is legit. and we need the word to spread far and wide ... so fly, my minion, do your work ... tell them "come one, come all, to this MAGIC affair" in all seriousness, yes, it's a definite thing, so hang around and join in the fun
  12. Carrie (remake) The Mist The Thing (yes it was a halloween movie fest!)
  13. feels odd when you get a notification that someone is following you on twitter, yet when you check ... they've unfollowed you, like they decided i'm just not worthy :P

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    2. StarSurfer


      I had two!! just cos i was tweeting G and wormy and jj stratford. she's replied a few times - then followed me briefly before realising the error of her ways. but at least i saw her momentarily on my followers list. the other was tommy tadeo - but he was superfast in removing himself. briefly, i was in with the in crowd ... then out again!!

    3. Indifferent Ignorance

      Indifferent Ignorance

      Ah it's okay, they don't know what they're missing. They'll refollow.


    4. StarSurfer


      hahahahaha. much chuckling.

      in all things - always quality over quantity

  14. Brinn ... I chuckled a number of times - just because I can fully identify with some of the things you said ... your reactions to things were excellent (including telling Gerard 'thanks for having the show' ... stylish!). I've been grinning a very wide smile whilst reading it. Soooooooooooooooo glad you got to meet him and delivered the book to him. Bet you felt really really good when he took it And so pleased you've shared the experience with us.
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