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  1. Thanks guys! I guess I don’t have to worry about toilet paper for a while anyway, since I bought the big pack We might be allowed back in school on Monday, at least for some students. They will give us the plan on Thursday. I’m excited, but also a bit anxious as to how it will be. It won’t be normal, we got an email today that told us everything about the new rules, for example we’re not all allowed to eat lunch at the same time, the students ain’t allowed to go near each other, all desks are supposed to be washed after every class etc. So I don’t really know if I want this to happen. I miss my students, but somehow going back to school might make everything feel more real again. Hopefully, it will be good when we get used to it.
  2. It’s great that they’re able to do that! I’m reading books from my shelves as well, I just have so much more time to read these days. Currently reading the sunrise series by Karen Kingsbury.
  3. I had this incident yesterday, that reminded me how strange these times are. I figured I needed to buy toilet paper while out on my weekly grocery shopping, and I usually buy in bulk, cause I can’t be bothered buying it every second week. Even though that’s my normal behavior, I considered buying a smaller pack, just to not have people glare at me. But I figured the stores are stocked up, and it’s what I would usually buy, so I take the big packages. Problem was, when I had touched the big package, I realized it was without a handle. And we all know, if you touch it, you buy it! No getting away from that, so I had to take this big package with no handle, and we’re already concerned about carrying it. I somehow got it with me to the car, with my grocery bags, but very clumsily indeed. And felt like everyone was glaring at the girl buying more than her share off tp. I figured it would be no good trying to get everything in one go when I came home, but I really dreaded to have the big package laying in my car, for everyone to see! And since I’m lazy and stuff, I didn’t go back to take it in before going to the stable, so I felt like everyone who would see my car would think badly off me! Also felt really stupid when I finally carried it inside. Honestly, I will probably buy the smaller package from now one, just because off this weird experience😅
  4. It’s really strange! Like, I kinda recognize some off the people, like the main is pretty similar, but then not quite. And the whole story is just completely different. Like just completely different. And the love interest isn’t even named the same. But great books! I love them, and need to figure out a way to get the rest. meanwhile I’ll read Przewalski horse by Maja Lunde, cause I have been waiting for it at the library and just got it. The library has a pretty elaborate way to lend out books these days, you have to order, and then there’s a lady(or probably might be a man too...) handing out your books, while this big table is between you to keep distance. Pretty smart! I think they let the books they get back lay untouched for a number off days before cleaning them off and stuff.
  5. Another year to get fit is great! And I’m so relieved we don’t have to go through the buying process again, once was more than enough. All that stress!
  6. Yes, that made me really happy! I’m already making plans kind off, even though it’s one year from now😅
  7. I’m a very routine kind off person. So I kinda live by routines. So the postponings, are you guys mostly sad or mostly relieved? I think I’m mostly relieved, since I realized not going wouldn’t even be an option anymore, but now it’s still possible.
  8. I love Artemis fowl! I did read them when I was a kid, and I guess that made the difference😊 I’m currently reading the Canadian west saga by Janette Oke. I found it in my parents book shelf. It’s the book behind the Netflix show when calls the heart. Iva watched some seasons, and to be honest I don’t really recognize the story, so I think you can take them in separately. The first book in the serie kind off reminds me off a slightly more modern Jane Austen novel. As in, there’s a few cars, and not as proper and modest, but still old-fashioned, and just some off the feeling. In the middle off the second book now, and I love it! Only problem is I only have the first four books, and I’m already wondering how to get the rest...
  9. So, I had an amazing day today! Like, if everything was normal, this would’ve been a normal day, but it was so amazing to do stuff that felt normal. My favorite coffee shop opened today, for the first time since March 12. And when I say favorite I mean, the coffee shop where I go to buy my salted caramel latte almost every day when I’m at work, and some times also in the weekends. It happened the same day as a day I had to go to work, because I had some things where being disturbed by construction work would be really inconvenient. So I went to buy coffee with 3 colleagues! And I met the amazing baristas again, and we were just so happy! I have to admit I almost cried when I came outside sipping my coffee. And my colleague was likewise. It just felt so like before! But better, because it’s after. Also I went on a long ride out in the woods together with another lady and her horse. Almost 2 hours. And I haven’t been riding at all since October, but for the last weeks. Cause corona gave me an empty calendar and lots off time in the stable. So I’m very positive today! So for everyone out there wondering if this will ever be over: it will! Normal things will slowly start to happen, and they will feel magical, because they’re normal. Look forward to it, and hang in there!
  10. There’s a meme going around in Norwegian, saying that when the pandemic is over, and the doctors think they can relax, they’ll have to deal with the new obesity epidemic after the quarantine😅
  11. Also, I eat ALL THE TIME!
  12. I kinda have to keep in touch with them, since I’m still teaching them online. But it’s really nice to be able to talk with them. I’m spending less on all the same things, like coffee. I do love my coffee to go. But I spend more money on groceries, cause I spend more time thinking about food, and planning stuff to make. Also, I did some online shopping today🙈 but my mortgage is cheaper because the interest has gone down a lot, so I think I’ll end up on the positive side. Kinda trying to spend money in stores I want to keep after all this, but in a sensible way. Don’t even know if that’s possible😅
  13. Welcome back Spider! It’s not like back in the days here anymore, but we’re still a group of people, and it’s become more activity since the return. I’m sorry to hear that you’re hurting. Feel free to talk about it if you want, or don’t if you don’t want. I’ll listen if you need that!
  14. It feels kinda weird to say, but I’m doing great. I stay inside most off the time, enjoy having lots of me-time, and being lazy. Feel like I should’ve gotten more stuff done in my appartement, but I have been working full time from home. So that’s my excuse. Some things are weird when I think about it. Like the fact that I now enjoy video calls with my students. I used to avoid that at all cost! Also I realized today that I haven’t really talked with some off the people I usually talk with almost every day at work for 3 weeks. Cause there’s a few people I have to talk with about practical stuff, and the others just don’t exist in my life now. But I know this is for a limited time. I wish I knew the limits, but nobody does. So I just try to be positive, and make the best out of it. like earlier this week, during class, I texted one of my students a follow up question from an earlier conversation, and suddenly we were texting back and forth for maybe an hour after class. Nothing big, just seemed like she needed someone to talk to. And it feels kinda good to be able to be that person for some off them. The worst part off this for me is that I really miss my students. I have realized how much I love them, I promise you, I have the best kids! Like, they’re just amazing! So cute and funny and smart. And now I might never meet some off them again, if we don’t get back to school before summer. And that really gets to me. But all in all I’m doing good! Enjoying life, staying inside, and just trying to stay positive. hope all y’all are well!
  15. My cold is gone, and I’ve gotten a few real life activities back! Like going for walks and go grocery shopping😁 I got a bit crazy when I saw all the fresh food at the grocery store yesterday, as I’ve been living out off my freezer and cupboards. Well, instead off buying canned food like everyone else, I bought fresh meat, fish and vegetables. So that’s a high! Also, I’m a lazy introvert, and that’s amazing traits for times like these. I’m actually enjoying being socially distanced and being able to chill without feeling the pressure of doing stuff. Also my friends have started to arrange digital stuff, like yesterday there were 7 off us knitting together, but off course from our own homes. That was nice! And when work is over today I’m going to see Mick Mac for the first time since all this happened. So I’m actually doing great. Off course there’s stuff that’s annoying, and that I wish I could change, but since I can’t I’m enjoying a life that for once is pro-introverts😃
  16. So today I’ve found out that if I turn on my MCR playlist with everything on Spotify in the morning, it will not reach the end before my work day is over. Never get to listen to music non stop when I’m at work.
  17. I’m stuck at home, and I’m happy to receive letters if you want to send! Although no pressure, as I already get them regularly🙃 Kerry you have every right to be furious! I’m glad you didn’t have any real contact with them, and that you’re not in the risk zone, but they probably knew, and then were still willing to risk it. That’s actually a felony! Like for real, you could get fines and be put in prison in Norway. And probably in the Uk as well. It’s bad enough when people may have infected you cause they didn’t know they were infected, but this is just plain mean! You were wondering if you were just being dramatic, I would say definitely not!
  18. I have increased my Snapchat use a lot these days! One activity is me and a friend sending pics of today’s coffee cup😛 I feel a need to communicate with people, but don’t really have much to say, since I’m just home alone, so it’s gotten to the very small daily things.
  19. So as off now, the only thing that might still happen is MCR. Crossing my fingers that this will be over by then!
  20. I have to admit that I look at my little pile of toilet paper, and count them several times a day, because I’m made aware off that fact that other people feel the need to have a lot off it these days🙈 It would be horrible to be out off toilet paper! But I’m okey for now😅 just hope there’s some left in the store when I’m allowed to go out! It sounds like you’re doing this right as well. I hope your grandmother stays safe, and maybe realize that she should be careful. It’s horrible when they don’t know what’s best for themselves, but at the same time you can’t really force grown ups... but it’s good you’ll fix the tv, that makes it easier to stay inside! I really feel for all the people who lose their income and maybe even their job or goes bankrupt these days. I can’t really think too much about it, cause I’m not ready to panic about what the world will look like on the other side. So for now I just feel bad on the surface, and try to believe that this will work out somehow.
  21. So it’s slowly starting to sink in that this is actually happening. At the same time, there are a lot of things that are surprisingly comfortable. Since my students are not allowed to go to school anymore, I have to teach them from home. And that means I don’t have to go to school, and also that I can do all kind off chores in between lessons (and also in lessons when my students don’t need me). I do love my appartement! You guys might not remember, but I bought it one and a half year ago, and it has this awesome balcony where I have both a big couch and a hammock. And it’s behind windows, so I can stay out there even though it’s cold outside! And this is good, cause I came home from my cabin on Sunday and woke up on Monday with the news telling me that I’m not allowed out because I have a slight cold. I totally understand why I have to stay inside, and that it’s important to protect those at risk, so don’t think I’m mad for having to stay inside! It just feel so silly, since I feel like a have a mild cold like at least 80% of the year. I’ve been like this, and most of the time worse, since Christmas, and now I have to stay home. I respect it, and I don’t think the rules are stupid in any way, so it’s just for me personally it’s like... I went to work feeling so much worse that this! Luckily we already do online teaching, so I don’t have to miss work😊 Also, since I came home on Sunday, my plan was to go grocery shopping on Monday or Tuesday... so now I get to organize my cupboards and empty my freezer and be creative about my food. I have lots of food, so I won’t starve, but there might be some funny combinations eventually. I’ll be sure to tell if they get to crazy! All in all I think it’s interesting how you can get used to the situation you’re stucked in. I’ve never really experienced anything like this, like a real national crisis, and still it really feels okey right now. But off course, I’m probably one of those who won’t experience a big aftermath, with loosing work and everything... Stay safe and wash your hands guys!
  22. Norway basically closed down, and I picked up my sister (she was living at school close to were I live) and went up to our cabin to meet our parents. Even though they keep saying don’t go to your cabin🙈 I’m going back home on Sunday, but everything feels very unsure now, so I wanted to see my parents before it all goes Costa Rica! I had class with my students online this morning, and that was pretty weird, but worked surprisingly well. I haven’t really stocked up on food yet, but I’m wondering if there will be any food at all when I get to the grocery store, since everyone is buying way more than they will be able to use in the next months. I were laughing when China shut down, and said that would never happen over here. Then Italy shocked me by showing that stuff can actually happen in Europe as well. And now it’s Norway, and it all feels so surreal! I really feel like I’m in some kind of dystopia from a book read movie. We all told each other that when we left work yesterday, and we don’t really now when we’re gonna see each other again. Also, it’s the underlying worry about if we’ll see each other again. I’m not panicking yet, but I have a bad feeling about everything. This just got real!
  23. Well, seems like this virus has made a real impact on the world by now. MCR is postponing shows, and countries do all kinds off crazy things to stop this. How are you guys doing, and how is this affecting you? Norway just closed all schools and kindergartens, so from today I’m teaching my students online. It’s gonna be an interesting experience. All theaters, concerts and everything that gather people (even pubs, and the likes) and also things like hairdressers and other services were people have to touch their customers are closed. This happened pretty sudden yesterday, and we all feel like it’s a taste of how it would feel like if it was a war.
  24. I have a question for those off you who live in London, or close to London, or if you just are familiar with traveling to London. Where would you advice two Norwegian girls to find a hotel? We have both been there once, several years ago, so all we know is that London is big and that we need to be close to an underground station. We need to get to Milton Keynes and we’re planning a trip to warner bro’s studio. There’s a lot off tips on google, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask you guys as well 😊
  25. Yeah, some change of scene might be necessary, but I can survive with just a small one. Like just going to the store or something. I actually talked with my parents about this the other day, because a lot off people are in isolation because of the coronavirus, and I was like, I would be perfectly fine in my appartement all alone, if someone just left food outside once in a while. And my mum was all like, I would come and keep you company and don’t mind being infected. And my first thought was no, please don’t!! But the virus isn’t even in Norway yet, so I guess it’s no damger😛
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