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  1. The one thing I really feel is different is whenever I get a cold, like I have now, I have to stay at home and get tested. And I usually never stay at home when I’m sick, unless I can’t stand up. So it’s driving me a bit crazy, and today I even went back to online teaching, just that I’m home and my students are at school. So now I just wait for that negative test to go back outside again.
  2. I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like even though books and movies paint the picture that pandemics are eventful times, a real life pandemic is really not. I mean, nothing happens these days. I’m not complaining, I have work and I have Mick Mac. But I feel like the days are put on repeat. Not in a bad way, just that there’s not much exciting to tell people about.
  3. I see, then they’re no use. Mine were working for everything, but as you say, very expensive. But as long as glasses work well for you, that’s a good solution Also, you look good with glasses! And this face mask time have to end one day you know. And then that’s no problem anymore.
  4. My eyes are a bit dry, but other than that everything’s great, and I have almost perfect vision. It’s so weird being able to see from I open my eyes in the morning till I close them at night. I never got comfortable with glasses, so I used contacts every day for probably 20 years. And it have worked well, but I was just tired off it. And since my dad had the surgery back in the days, and was really content with it, I figured I should do it, since I had saved up the money.
  5. I had lasik-surgery in my eyes today, to fix my sight and get rid off my contact lenses, and I’m amazed! I can actually see!! It did cost mad chedda as we said back in the days, and it did hurt a lot for a minute during surgery and some after, but I can see! With my Own eyes! Now I’m gonna sleep with protection glasses to avoid rubbing my eyes and messing everything up! At least for the two first nights😛
  6. I didn’t have the bypass opportunity, so I gave up. Glad it’s back to normal now, I’ve missed you guys! How are everyone doing?
  7. The story is awesome! Very realistic.
  8. I’m so looking forward to read this!! No pressure or anything... or maybe a little😛
  9. Wow, that’s just... I have no words. I’m glad to live a place where those who rule care more about people than money. I guess Norway is kind off socialistic as well, compared to US, not like communist, but we do have pretty high taxes (about 35% I think), and a really good welfare system. I can totally understand people in US deciding to not stay home if they have symptoms, or not get tested when their sick, since that would have a great economic impact on their life. Over here it doesn’t really. If you’re sick you pay like $20 if you go to your regular doctor, but the moment you’re hospitalized it’s free. Also if you reach about $250 a year in doctor and medicine cost, everything’s free for the rest off the year. So yeah... It’s great that you’re at a place with San leadership, and working with animals is great. And their needs doesn’t really change even if the world did a total flip. Did you have to adjust to a lot off new rules at work? I’m on summer holidays at the moment. So I enjoy life, not doing much, but that’s the best holidays in my opinion. I’ve worked through the whole pandemic though, did online teaching from March 13. until some mid-may, and then it was split between online and being at school for the rest off the semester. It worked surprisingly smooth.
  10. Hi Rachel! So good to see you back here! These are some crazy times, and I’m sorry that you’re right in the middle off it, and that it’s so close. I really hope you and your close ones get through this without getting ill. Getting away and doing stuff that feels semi-normal is important, at least when it’s possible to do it in a safe way. I can’t even start to imagine how it is to live over there right now with everything. It’s almost back to normal over here, but Norwegians did social distancing as a norm even before corona. No real Norwegian would talk to strangers or sit next to another person on the bus if they could possibly avoid it. Also our prime minister is the better safe than sorry type, and much more reliable than Trump!
  11. I’m trying to get some things done at home today, since I haven’t all the time I’m been home, but for the day to day cleaning. I’ve done a quarter of my closet, and I’m trying to find reasons to not do any more... I really wish I was a persons who enjoyed cleaning and tidying up!
  12. Yes, I just don’t understand why people can’t just follow the rules! I can understand that you slip up some times, that you don’t really think and suddenly stand to close to someone, and then you move because you realize what you’re doing. That’s human. But when you just don’t care, and even seem proud off not caring... that makes me question your character! And I don’t like when people I like make me question their character!! Also, on the moving around part, I got pretty bad the first two weeks, since I had a cold and were limited to my 46 square meters. But after that, I’ve gotten into a routine with Mick Mac, so I take him for a ride or a walk in the wood every day. If the weather is not too bad, I usually get at least 10.000 steps, so that’s not to bad. But I’m lucky to have him! I would be so screwed these months if I didn’t! Also, funny story! The gym has opened up again, and I’m always trying to start a new and better life, so I went there on Monday and warmed up on the threadmill. Figured I should be thorough with washing, got a bit too enthusiastic with the touch screen, and somehow changed the language to Italian. Had no idea how I did it, so I just walked away, and crossed my fingers the next person would understand Italian... From now on, I’ll choose the treadmills without touch screen!
  13. Going out and meeting people is kind off uncomfortable. The situation over here seems to be under control, I mean we have under 10 people hospitalized with the virus at the moment. Like in all off Norway. So people are getting really relaxed, traveling, meeting up, not respecting the distance.... And you never know with the people you meet, including your friends, if they are the sanitize every 5 minute and keep 4 meters distance just in case people, or the this virus is a fraud and I don’t care anymore people, or something in between. So it’s really difficult to know what boundaries to keep, and who you have to be careful around and so on. So that was my very long way off saying I understand how you feel. Being social is really difficult! But it was before all this as well, and at least being introvert has been really helpful in this situation.
  14. Military wives - it was actually really good, I both laughed and cried a lot. Saw it at the movie theatre, and partly because it was the only movie showing, but I would recommend it. About the hobbit, they really didn’t have enough action in the book to make 3 movies. I loved the book, but the movies were bad. Especially the last one, based on just one chapter in the book. I mean, how on earth could you make one chapter last for two hours without adding lots off unnecessary stuff. And they added weird unnecessary stuff. So that’s my take on it.
  15. Yeah, it’s the same with me, can’t figure out anything to say, also life is kind off happening in slow motion because off everything. Not that I’m complaining, it’s just how it is. Its good to see you back Brinn, I was worried you had disappeared!
  16. I would’ve been interested if it hadn’t been for the size. I just bought a new shirt though. Or singlet to be precise. I keep looking forward to the show and by merch little by little, so I’m probably gonna be drowning in shirts and stuff at some point in the next year😅
  17. Gonna start the mysteries of udolpho by Ann Radcliffe now. Mainly because it’s talked about so much in Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen, and I’ve reread everything Jane Austen so many times I have to read something else but semi-related. Also found a Jane Austen club in-line and ordered a book with short stories by Jane Austen that I haven’t read before, so looking forward to getting that one!
  18. I mean, it’s pathetic no matter what’s going on in the world!
  19. Oh my word, there’s so many crazy people out there! Some times I wonder where they all come from, and how the people in their life even manage...
  20. I can do that! Totally see the need, I had to find someone not my friend to check when I started teaching😊 I found your account through the sister wives group, and I can only see your profile pic, cover photo, that you’re a woman and that Brinn is our mutual friend😊
  21. I feel like my life is getting pretty much back to normal by now. We haven’t had a really serious situation like in other countries, I’m pretty sure we just have 200 something deaths. And my life wasn’t that exciting to begin with. I’m back at work, from Tuesday the days at school will be pretty similar to normal, with all the students in the classroom etc, I’m going to the stable and then I mostly stay at home. I did my grocery shopping once a week before this, and now it’s that or less, but yeah. My life was pretty much made for social distancing.
  22. Thanks guys! I guess I don’t have to worry about toilet paper for a while anyway, since I bought the big pack We might be allowed back in school on Monday, at least for some students. They will give us the plan on Thursday. I’m excited, but also a bit anxious as to how it will be. It won’t be normal, we got an email today that told us everything about the new rules, for example we’re not all allowed to eat lunch at the same time, the students ain’t allowed to go near each other, all desks are supposed to be washed after every class etc. So I don’t really know if I want this to happen. I miss my students, but somehow going back to school might make everything feel more real again. Hopefully, it will be good when we get used to it.
  23. It’s great that they’re able to do that! I’m reading books from my shelves as well, I just have so much more time to read these days. Currently reading the sunrise series by Karen Kingsbury.
  24. I had this incident yesterday, that reminded me how strange these times are. I figured I needed to buy toilet paper while out on my weekly grocery shopping, and I usually buy in bulk, cause I can’t be bothered buying it every second week. Even though that’s my normal behavior, I considered buying a smaller pack, just to not have people glare at me. But I figured the stores are stocked up, and it’s what I would usually buy, so I take the big packages. Problem was, when I had touched the big package, I realized it was without a handle. And we all know, if you touch it, you buy it! No getting away from that, so I had to take this big package with no handle, and we’re already concerned about carrying it. I somehow got it with me to the car, with my grocery bags, but very clumsily indeed. And felt like everyone was glaring at the girl buying more than her share off tp. I figured it would be no good trying to get everything in one go when I came home, but I really dreaded to have the big package laying in my car, for everyone to see! And since I’m lazy and stuff, I didn’t go back to take it in before going to the stable, so I felt like everyone who would see my car would think badly off me! Also felt really stupid when I finally carried it inside. Honestly, I will probably buy the smaller package from now one, just because off this weird experience😅
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