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  1. Haha, yes, they told all about the teacher. I feel like there’s a void for news that ain’t corona or Trump, so they just jump on it when they find something. Apparently I read them as well, so I guess they do something right.
  2. Well, I don’t really recommend Thomas hardy to anyone after this book, but I’m satisfied that I got through it. It wasn’t even that heavy, just a bit weird and uninteresting. I guess you have to be in the right state off mind to get into the Host. I think it helps that I was super fan off Animorphs as a kid! Anne of Green Gables is wonderful! I love those books.
  3. I finished Thomas Hardy! Gonna reread the Host by Stephenie Meyer while I wait for my library.
  4. It’s so weird, I don’t think I’ve seen a picture off Biden after he became president, but I’ve seen Bernie with his mittens in every thinkable (and unthinkable!) situation! I mean, someone had photoshopped him into a where’s Wally picture. Also NRK, the official news channel have posted the knitting recipe for the mittens.
  5. Ehe, we kinda closed the borders for people from both Britain and South Africa... guess that didn’t work😅 I kinda understand that it happens, but at the same time... the grocery stores are one off the things that will actually remain open, you don’t need to worry! But those people... I’m so tired off those people!
  6. Why do people never learn? We have an outbreak over here with the British mutation (yep, that’s what we call it... sorry about that!), and suddenly people are buying up on goods they don’t really need again. Also, since it’s only in some areas as off now, people travel outside those areas to buy stuff, like alcoholic beverages. I keep loosing faith in humanity! My area is just outside off the perimeter this far, but they will consider more restrictions for us as well during the day. Not that anything will affect my life much anymore. Only thing is, Mick Mac lives in the neighboring county, so if they tell us not to leave our own county, that will be a problem. Also the can close the school again, and that would suck. But it’s nothing that I can’t live with. Not like all my fellow Norwegians who obviously can’t live a week without buying alcohol... On a lighter note, is Bernie Sanders and his mittens a big thing in the UK as well? It’s all over my Facebook page!
  7. Yes, I did that. I guess I just have to wait and see what my library do with requests like that.
  8. Definitely! I feel like the world is a little bit safer.
  9. It actually sounds right up my alley, but my library doesn’t agree. Or at least they don’t have it. Doesn’t seem like it have been translated to Norwegian either. Not that I would need a translated version, but the library is more likely to have books if they’ve been translated.
  10. I’m about halfway through now, and it’s a weird book with so many unrealistic people. But I’ll make it to the end! I need something to start with when I finish this, any suggestions? Flesh eating water horses does sound a little too morbid for me. I actually ordered the Bell jar from the library after reading your blog, but it might not be in for a month or so.
  11. I’ve picked up Far from the maddening crowd again, think I’ll make it this time!
  12. Exactly, I mean, I don’t meet people at all these days, but even when times are normal... single men don’t grow on trees, at least not around here. I don’t know if I’m gonna do anything, but it’s good to see I’m not all out in my way of thinking. Off course, we’re only 20 something who work at my school, and all off us, but for a few are in the same office. When times are normal we all eat lunch at the same table and stuff like that, so it’s a pretty small place. But he only works part-time, cause he have another job as well.
  13. That’s my thoughts exactly! Not a good idea. But then I talk with him and I’m all “Very good idea”. But I’ll just keep getting to know him, and we’ll see. I just get so weird when I like a guy.
  14. I have a question for you guys, cause I don’t really see people outside off work these days, and while I have lots off good friends along my colleagues, I can’t ask them. And maybe I shouldn’t even talk to you guys, because I might end up making it something it isn’t. But here it goes. What do you guys think off relationships between colleagues? As in romantic? Might never be anything at all, everything might be in my head, but I’ve still gone over all the potential problems in my head a thousand times. Not that I’m ever gonna make a move or anything, so you know... but if this guy wasn’t my colleague I would be head over heels.
  15. I think that’s true! Some books kind off feel like old friends. And when I’ve read them before I already know how they’ll make me feel, so I can handpick the feeling I want. It’s not like the first time, when everything is new and unexpected, but I don’t risk any big emotions when I’m not prepared. The last year have not been the year to put a lot off extra emotion on top. But I guess I’ve always been that weird person who rereads books as a norm, and not as an exception.
  16. I like it a lot, both the chemist and the host, but off course, I love twilight as well. And it’s always a romance between two people who shouldn’t fit together, so you have to like that. And I might be getting to old to love youth books this much, but I guess I never grow out of that.
  17. Well, while considering if I’ll just give up, I’m rereading the Chemist by Stephenie Meyer.
  18. Yep, think I read one or two chapters before I let it lay there and gather dust... I am considering just giving up and find something else that I might actually read. The library may want it back (who am I kidding? I’ve already renewed my loan twice, no one else want it, so they really don’t care)
  19. I’m still trying to get through Far from the maddening crowd... I am reading old children’s book instead.
  20. Haha, I tried to check the rules, but realized I didn’t know the old ones well enough to find any changes. I mean, you guys would probably have told me by now if I didn’t follow them...
  21. We trust you! And if it fails... well, let’s blame the officials who abandoned us.
  22. Happy new year!! Three cheers for us, we survived 2020!🍾🥳
  23. Merry Christmas everyone! (We celebrate Christmas eve over here, so today is the big day in Norway). Hope you all get to celebrate in some way, despite 2020 being 2020!
  24. I’m sure you’ve deserved it! It’s so nice with surprises like that. Buy yourself something nice!
  25. Welcome Miri! I’m Sonia, and I actually have a horse😃
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