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  1. Hmm, interesting! It’s not quite the same then, since we have red days any day of the week. The bank holidays always confused me in the US, but I thought it was another weird US thing, and not something we had in Europe. Haha, guess I was wrong! So, I just got this message request from a girl with rungarunga as last name, with a picture attached, and was sure this is something sketchy! A bit scared I opened the message, and a cute picture of me and my brother at around 4-5 years, with bad hair days, together with our baby sitter popped up. When I saw the picture I recognized the first name, but I’m pretty sure she wasn’t named rungarunga back then😂
  2. Well, 1st may is a holiday over here, I think it’s international workers day, but it’s unfortunately on a Saturday, so it doesn’t give us an extra day off this year. We’ll have to wait two years for that over here. Is a bank holiday what we refer to as red days over here? Just a day when everything is closed? We call them red days because they’re red in the calendar, very creative.
  3. Wait, why long weekend? Do you guys have some kind of holiday on monday?
  4. I feel you! When you live upstairs, you have to save some energy for the stairs. The gym I went to some years ago were upstairs, and there were days that I had trouble getting down the stairs after working out! I got myself a core step machine thing not so long ago (kinda got it for free, because of some bonus program thing), and I’m trying to use it in front of the tv, to get in some kind of shape. 5 minutes is more than enough for one day, so it’s obviously much needed. Other than that, my weekend is good. Horse back riding, 5 minute work out and relaxing.
  5. Three weeks are close to nothing! Great work, and you totally deserve the time to do very little.
  6. Its the same in Norway, so it’s not surprising.
  7. Congrats on your second dose! I’m not even close to get a vaccine by this point, but I’ll wait patiently (try to at least) for it to be my turn. You guys have such creative plans before the show! I just consider if I can justify buying a mcr hoodie. The answer will off course be yes, especially now that the show is in may, it might get cold.
  8. Go for it! It feels really good to do something to look like your best self again. Ouch, hope your back heal quickly. You have to be careful!
  9. I actually went and got a haircut today. I was planning to wait until the pandemic was over, cause I don’t even cut it yearly when it’s not restrictions, so you know, I could wait. But now it’s been a year and a half, and summer is coming up, and I needed a change. I think I cut off like 15-20cm or something. And it feels so good!! Taking care of yourselves during this is important, yet it’s so hard! But we have another year, and with summer coming up now and reopening and everything, I believe we can get in shape. Since I have standing tickets instead of seats now, it’s even more important. But I will be jumping, dancing and singing for the whole show, so I have to get fit before that.
  10. Oh, our hair dressers are actually open. Like, they close stores, but keep hair dressers and tattoo shops open. Logic is nowhere to be found. I think the Indian variant is the one we are scared of right now? I’m not sure, I can’t keep up anymore. As long as we’re opened up before MK I will be okay!
  11. You’re done in no time now, just 1 month! They have started what they refer to as the reopening off the country here today. I also got the news that the schools in my area will be on red for two more weeks today, which is the strictest level with open schools. Oh, and there’s no open shops but for the essentials, since we have so many contaminated in my area lately. And when I say my area, we’re talking about a big part off the country, I would guess a majority off the people in Norway live under the strictest restrictions we have had so far. So I keep wondering what part of reopening this fits under. It’s a big political scam, since there’s election this fall, and it makes me so mad! Great if you can lift national restrictions, but don’t act like it’s a reopening for the majority please.
  12. I guess its 32 now. You can do this! It’s hard when it’s so close, yet there’s still a bunch of work left. But just imagine the feeling when you’re all done!
  13. Haha! To be fair, you did add probably longer. But who could imagine we would still be here? Reading back, I see I actually thought it could be over before, so laughs on me!
  14. I went downhill skiing a lot when I was younger. We have a cabin 10 minutes drive from a skiing place. But I hadn’t been since I was a student, and I graduated 6 years ago, so definitely a little rusty. I feel less scared when I go downhill than cross country skiing. I’ve grown up doing both, since I’m Norwegian and stuff, but I hate cross country and love downhill. Not sorry that my cross country boots got lost in a flooding if our cabin some years ago.
  15. But, you know, it makes sense that your own thoughts seem rational, you know? Why would you think things that don’t make sense to you? Adult friendship are the worst! But I did move away from everyone I knew when I was 25, so I have to deal with it. I do think I can be good friends with this girl, but I kinda wish she would just you know, add me on Facebook instead off asking if she may. And just ask: do you want to hang out? And then I can just answer yes, and not overthink. (Who am I kidding? Overthinking is my brains way of thinking). But maybe I’m just even more social awkward now, than before lockdown. I actually went downhill skiing last week! I couldn’t walk for a couple off days, and it was not because I fell. My muscles was not prepared for that.
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