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  1. I’m Sonia. I’m female. I have a horse, Mick Mac, and I’ve had him for 20 years, so he’s my best friend and the love of my life. I’m a teacher at high school in maths and physics. I love cake and chocolate and anything sweet! And also, I love all kinds of animals, and have a weird fascination for llamas! Btw, I did pet a llama in Peru, so that’s pretty cool😅 Adding a pic of Mick Mac and me, since I feel awkward being in pics alone Edit: I’m 29 years old!
  2. I tried to multiqoute, but my phone didnt agree with me, so you got your own post Ash. Congrats with making the name official😃
  3. Thanks!! Will go back and read and give you my reactions. And all you other guys: read it!! It’s amazing! good to hear! Haha, it’s kinda difficult to not be vague after 3 years, like it’s either that or writing a biography😛 I’m good too! Especially right now, lying on the couch after being outside in the snow😁
  4. This reminds my that I need to read your fairytale!! I started, then a lot off stuff happened and I never got any further. Could you maybe repost the link?😊 I can confirm that everyone here is super kind and cool! At least the old ones. We’ve stood by each other through good and bad, and been both death serious and complete goof balls together🤪 I would recommend the asylum thread if you ever feel goofy. Actually I recommend the asylum just cause I want more people over there to revive it for real😛 loving llamas from a distance is something we have in common! I have met some real ones, like even pet some, but mostly I just watch them and admire how they are kinda weird, but still beautiful.
  5. Hi! So happy to have a kind of new member here😊 just bear over with us as we have our reunion-joy, and feel free to join in on any conversations and threads! You can call me Sonia, what do you go by? And do you have any experience with llamas?
  6. Thanks, I’m pretty proud of myself. I did tell a lot of people about it after doing it twice, including my boss, so now it’s really embarrassing to stop😅 that’s another good tip. I’ve tried going regularly a lot of times, and I always drop out eventually, so we’ll see how long it works🙈 well, thanks for trying, and if it doesn’t work, we’ll find a way around it. Like making a new one or something😊
  7. May I brag about myself for a minute? I’ve actually got a routine where I go to the fitness center before work every Wednesday! I’ve figured the best way to make myself actually work out is to get myself to the center before I’m quite awake, cause then I can’t make up any excuses 😂 PS Kerry, what do you think off reviving the asylum? I kind of miss that place.
  8. Wow, Osaka sounds awesome! And I’m happy for you for quitting your job. Sounds enough with one job with everything you got going on, and that should be the one you actually enjoy! Hi!! Please stay😊😊 Good to se you back!!! And so glad to hear you’re happier😃 I’ve been good, grown up and got a lot off grown up responsibilities, but still alone (but for my horse). Great to see you back, and it’s so cool to read everything you have accomplished since then! Are you working as a doctor?
  9. That sounds exiting!^^ what was your favorite place?
  10. I teach maths and physics in high school. So it’s great! Wow Jackie, sounds like you’ve lived quite a life. Good to hear you’ve gotten through it, and are doing okey!
  11. How is adult life treating you Jackie? I was a student back in the days, now I’m grown up working full time as a teacher, bought an appartement last year and slowly start to feel like an adult. I still have my horse, if anyone even remember I had one. Mick Mac is 26 years old now, so he has become an old man, but for now he is alive and well😊
  12. This just makes me so happy!! Good to see all you guys back😃
  13. I’m missing my sister wives on a regular basis, but the conversations died out when no one was here at the same time anymore... Great to see you back!! How are you doing?
  14. My first thought was that I’m actually on vacation February 20th😱😱
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