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  1. Thanks! Wish you had gotten tickets as well! So my summer holidays will begin with going to London this year. Can’t wait till this school year is over!
  2. I got tickets for Sunday!!!!!!!😃😃😃
  3. Crossing all fingers and toes that we’ll get tickets tomorrow!! I’m getting more anxious for every hour that pass...
  4. You guys, I got me real life friend Hento to join the rmy, be nice to her😊 we’re planning to go to the uk show together! PS Mick Mac likes her, so she is approved as a cool girl!
  5. Happy new year! 🥳 2019 seemed so far away, and yet it’s now in the past. Time never stop to surprise me!
  6. Merry Christmas everyone! In Norway, we celebrate Christmas Eve, and I started the day at 5am, by throwing up and realizing I had the stomach flu. So not the best Christmas, hope everyone has/had a better one!
  7. I honestly haven’t been able to really think about it, because Christmas holiday and family and finals for my students and everything. But feels surreal, probably gonna put on my headset and see the clips I’m able to get my hands on at some point during the next days!
  8. I’ve never done it, but will do it from now on. Just wondering whether you take the detector down, or hold the vacuum up... both seems kinda weird!
  9. Yeah, I like to gather information, and all the websites said that wired detectors can go wild if there’s something wrong with the wiring. Mine are not wired, but apparently you’re supposed to vacuum you’re smoke detector, so it doesn’t mistake dust for smoke... why didn’t anyone tell me this before?? It’s mostly the cheap ones that make the mistake, and I did look for really cheap ones when I bought mine after all😅 wouldn’t if I had known it would end in sleepless nights! Yeah, students are prone to make those things go off every now and then. Did that where I was studying, but luckily not in my appartement complex. Just heard lots of stories😛 but it’s the worst sound ever for sure!!
  10. The smoke detector in my bed room just went off for no reason at all. And I could live with that, if it wasn’t the middle of the night, I was a sleep, and it gave me such a fright that my heart is still pounding 15 minutes later, so I can’t get back to sleep. So much for going to bed early in order to survive work tomorrow😣 anyone else experienced smoke detectors gone wild for no reason before?
  11. Woho, it’s working😃 (lets pretend like I’m not checking during work hours😛)
  12. Oh, my memory doesn’t work too well that far back apparently😅 PS chapter 5 of the businessman’s daughter doesn’t download😭 Haha, congrats on both! Let’s hope the new standard is not falling😁
  13. Yep, I had to google it, but they did! I never really listened to them back in the days, but Christian Ingebrigtsen have made some really great Christmas songs😊 The band who originally did Take on me where Norwegian btw. Just some casual bragging of my country, if you guys didn’t know😛
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