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  1. Yes, it’s just that my Backpack is so full off stuff already. I need a new and bigger backpack... It already contains a pair off socks in case my feet get wet on the way to school.
  2. Yes, I’m glad to hear it’s a thing over there as well! I love this time, when going outside is feeling that spring is coming and not freezing your nose off. Sounds like a lovely time at work! I work at a school with some heating issues. As in, the heaters are always a couple off days behind the weather, and I never know what to wear to have a comfortable temperature. After freezing for a couple days I wear my warmest wool sweater, and it’s suddenly t-shirt weather. And I will decide that my thin sweater will do the next day, and have a small class in a big room and shiver because off the cold. Interesting times to be sure!
  3. Yeah, that’s what I thought, no need for words you don’t use. But they probably exist somewhere, since there’s places in the US with lots of snow. For example we call the snow kram when you are able to make snow balls and snow men and stuff. And we do talk about powder, and when it’s coming down as something between rain and snow it’s sludd. And I have no idea why I keep rambling about snow. Maybe it’s just because I do love snow, so I have to embrace it one last time for this winter. But one off the things I do love with spring is how the days get longer! It’s sunlight till almost 6pm now, and that is just wonderful. It makes me so happy to be able to go out in daylight on weekdays.
  4. That’s exactly how it is!! I think (and hope) that the snow will be all gone when I get back home tomorrow or Sunday. It’s more snow at my parents cabin, since it’s further away from the ocean, and a bit higher. But my town doesn’t usually get that much snow, we just got a lot before the temperature went above zero, and then rain and ice, and everything that just makes you pray for spring. Just curious, do you have several words to describe snow in English? I only know snow I think. Do you use slush to describe snow? I feel like it would be the equivalent to the Norwegian slaps, which is something between water and snow. We do have several words to describe snow over here, but up north the native people have over 100 I think.
  5. They are so cute! We had 4 at the same time today. I meet them every now and then when I’m out in the woods with Mick Mac, but it’s quite something to watch them from the window, and to see them tip-toe around my car. Spring really feel like a new beginning, and like life hit the restart button. I just can’t wait for the flowers! The snow isn’t all gone yet, but I think it’s a matter off days now.
  6. The last letter from your lover was beautiful, though pretty predictable. No big surprises, but it makes you feel exactly what you want when you pick it up, and since it’s Jojo Moyes it’s not without some serious themes. Finally getting to Persuasion by Jane Austen. I already know I love it.
  7. Ah, I love spring too! And winter this year was SO cold, so spring feel even better than usual. I’m with my mum and dad at our cabin right now, and we have deer coming up to the bird feeder almost every day. My parents put out food for them.
  8. Some of my friends sent me a cake today. With a picture off us on. I almost cried, they’re so so sweet! Also, I laughed cause the apartment complex I live in is kinda confusing if you don’t know where you’re going. The poor delivery guy where running up the stairs looking for me, but I live one stair down😅 I always have to run up and find my first time visitors (and some times also the second and third time🤣)
  9. Yep, that’s about right Francesca! You’re very welcome. I agree with you guys, I can’t even imagine how it is going through this with stuff on top. Like I said, my life hasn’t changed much, but I still feel the weight off the situation as a whole.
  10. I have to share my newfound coping mechanism for stress! My mom and I were watching tv yesterday, and there was nothing on, so we ended up at animal planet and a documentary about sloths. 🦥 And watching those animals move in slow motion was both calming and funny. And so so so cute. So watching sloths on YouTube is my new hobby. I’ll include a video for you guys to feel calmness.
  11. Just finished the Bell Jar. What can I say. It was a good book, although I think it had a slow start. It feels like something worth reading. A bit heavy, but could’ve been much heavier given the theme. I think I would recommend it, but not to everyone, if you understand what I mean? Gonna start on Jojo Moyes The last letter from your lover now, so that’s going to be something completely different!
  12. Hi Jackie (please tell me I’m not mixing up your name, I got slightly nervous right now), good to see you back! Not so good to hear about your low key dying, but I hope that will sort itself out. As you said, this is a time for being nice to yourself, and admit that life is kinda hard, even if it isn’t. I’m doing pretty good. There’s a lot off feelings, but you know, many good feelings as well. My days are mostly like before the pandemic, but for a lot more washing off hands and things, and the occasional face mask. And seeing none off my friends that ain’t colleagues or at the stable. But since schools are open, I meet a lot off people every day, and it makes things feel normal-ish.
  13. Just started the Bell Jar. Picked it up at the library today together with Persuasion and The last letter from your lover by Jojo Moyes. I think I have to save Persuasion for last, cause I don’t think I will be able to prolong the others if I don’t finish within a month.
  14. I ended up loving the story in Scorpio races, but now I need something very warm and cozy, cause I’m to sensitive for people being mutilated and killed by flesh-eating horses. I know MCR fans are supposed to love horror movies and zombies and blood and stuff, but I don’t. I really want to reread persuasion by Jane Austen, but my mom borrowed my copy over a year ago and she never get around to read it, so I don’t get it back. Might borrow it at the library, or buy a new copy, since I never read it in English.
  15. That’s why I need a quarantine, I wasted my time in lockdown feeling sorry for myself or something, and didn’t get anything done. I excuse myself with the fact that I did work full time, and had mick Mac. but it’s not a good excuse...
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