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  1. That makes me sad, I haven’t managed to find a place like this anywhere
  2. Me too! did you guys get a lot of email from the board as well? Seems like a glitch or simething...🤔
  3. I’m not sure how the rules are by now. I was there back in 2012, and then a season pass cost the same as a day pass, so off course we got a season pass this was before the Harry Potter part, so I’m dreaming of going back to visit one day. But I would consider 2 days there, it is truly amazing!
  4. I were on Easter vacation with my family, and couldn’t grieve the way I felt like doing, because they really didn’t understand. At the same time, easier to cope with, since I had a lot of distractions.
  5. Hi! Long time no see! Great to have you back here😃 I won’t be able to get to Cali this year😞 but I’ll be with you in the spirit, and I am truly jealous! btw, if you do like amusement parks, go to universal studios. I love amusement parks, and that is the best one I’ve ever been to!❤️
  6. Hi guys! I’ve just been out sick for a week because off dissyness. Early in the week I almost couldn’t stand up, because it felt like everything was spinning around. Slowly getting better luckily. How is everyone doing? I miss you guys!
  7. Good luck! This is an awesome idea, I hope you go through with it
  8. 2019 felt really far away when danger days was released. And so much has happened since then! It feels like yesterday, at the same time it’s like it’s been a lifetime since. Happy new year everyone! Let’s hope 2019 will be the best year so far!
  9. Aww😍 he’s adorable!! I’m so jealous at you, and I bet cuddling with Simba makes all the hard work totally worth it!
  10. What kind of puppy? You’re so lucky! I wish I had the opportunity to have a puppy!
  11. Hi Sandreh! I’m lurking a lot, so I’m still around. It I do feel weird when I’m talking with myself in writing in a place Where other people can see, so I try to avoid that I do talk with myself a lot when I’m alone though... anyway, you’re kittens are really cute!!!
  12. Last night, I were dreaming that I was at a MCR show, but right when it started my alarm woke me up it was so frustrating!!!
  13. I get the error too. Would’ve been crazy back in the days!! Kinda glad I have the possibility to go back through the conversations we had though how can I see the ranks in the mobile version? I wonder if my rank has changed, since I had a customized one
  14. Wow, that’s so cool!!^^ since we’re talking about adult news: I’ve bought an appartment!!
  15. It’s crazy how time fly! I feel like I just crossed my fingers for your high school exams Sandreh, and now you’re done with uni! We’re growing up, and I’m not sure if I like it
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