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  1. Whoa I can’t believe I haven’t posted on here since the summer! well I’m single after a thing that went on too long and still on the hunt for a new job (still working at my current job though.) Kerry, I think the pet shop idea sounds fantastic! I hope you are able to find an affordable premises.
  2. I realized I never updated y’all about the job interview or the date! The job interview turned out to be very strange because it was only five minutes, and then I never heard from them again. I’m thinking something happened before I came in, but I’m wondering why they just didn’t call to cancel the interview? It was weird and a bit unprofessional imo But the date was fantastic and we have continued seeing each other since then! He is so sweet and I’m really enjoying spending time with him! things have been crazy since the start of summer, since I have been really busy with cat sitting, on top of work, and apparently dating That’s awesome about buying an apartment, sonia!!
  3. Posting because I have a job interview tomorrow that I'm really excited/nervous about, as well as a first date immediately before it that I'm also excited/nervous about! Just hoping to get some good vibes!
  4. It's so funny how writing essays can be therapeutic for some Writing essays was always such a cluster for me! But maybe that's because I always put them off until the night before they were due?? That's probably why I have been avoiding working on my pet blog for so long! But I swear I will put effort into it soon! All this wedding talk has gotten me so excited! I'm going to my first "friend" wedding alone this year- previously I've only gone to cousin weddings, with my mom and other family members. My friends who have gotten married were all out of state. It feels so adult!
  5. I’m so glad to see that Sulfur made an appearance! Hope you’re doing well, lady! kind of related to the pet name discussion, my mom named my first cat Puff, after a cat she had as a child. So I named my second cat Gryffin to make them both Harry Potter themed
  6. Yeah it sucks. Right now I have medical and dental through my mom. But if I don’t find another job (or somehow get married) by the end of next year, I’ll have to purchase it... it will be about $130 a month just for catastrophic coverage (like if I get hit by a car or something.) at my last job with the city, I paid about $50 for month for medical, dental, and vision.
  7. Wow I’ve missed so much in the past couple of weeks. I’m so sorry you were made redundant, Kerry! Although I’m glad you started being proactive about it soon and went to an interview. not much has changed here. Still working! My plan was to look for a new job in the summer that has health insurance, but I really love working here. So I might end up doing Obamacare (even though it is stupid expensive for basic coverage.) Francesca, your book sounds cool! I can’t wait until it comes out in some form.
  8. I love my new apartment! It’s so much better for my pets and I. It’s in a better place in the complex as well, so my dogs aren’t hearing as many sounds to bark at. My cats are loving the playing on the stairs as well. And of course, I love the extra space! It feels like a more “grown up” place. Although like Sonia, I wish I could buy! I can’t afford that at all right now. But I would argue that most people in my city are renters. Sonia, have you looked more into or found some places you might like?
  9. Francesca- I did something similar for new year, just went to an old friend's house and played board games with some of my childhood friends! I've spent the past couple of days moving into a bigger apartment. it's so nice! I love it.
  10. Don't forget about American thanksgiving! Everyone does... but it celebrates food and friendship, so I think it's a good holiday to remember... At least you called! I would have just no-showed. I would also probably wait for counseling to be available rather than starting on medication. This is just knowing how often it takes 6-12 months or longer to actually find the right prescription...
  11. If you think you have serious feelings for this new guy, you should tell your boyfriend and end things. But, if it's just a little infatuation, you should just tell this new guy that you have a boyfriend at home and you don't want to go further than being friends.
  12. Either a pretty heart or a cat face. Knowing your love for cats, I would say the latter.
  13. Did you find a way to order it? I can do it for you! Sorry I'm slow on reading these things. If you PM me here I think I get an email notification, or you can message me on Facebook. I'm still working on starting up the blog, I've been so unusually busy! I need a day to just work on my laptop. I decided not to ask him out. I see him very irregularly in person, so I think it is better to wait until I get to know him a little more. We might go to group things in the future, so we'll see. I'm sorry about your knee, Sonia! Ouch!!
  14. I've been meaning to sell some of my old books as well. It's just a matter of getting up the motivation to bring them to the bookstore! yeah, I've been thinking about doing a pet blog for a long time, mostly as a local resource for my city. I wasn't really thinking of it as a way to make money until she suggested it. But yeah, I could put ads and amazon links on it for a little bit of extra cash. Just... have to get up the motivation of course! Side note, have any of you ladies ever had to ask a guy out before? I've been kind of talking to this one guy, but really nothing serious. I know from other people that he is a bit awkward around girls, so I'm wondering if I should just jump the gun and ask him out myself. But this will be my first time doing it without the confidence that he will say yes! The other times I've asked guys out there has been definite flirting beforehand. With him I'm not so sure if he likes me or if he is just being friendly.
  15. Hmm, I could definitely upload some of my work as stock photos. I'll definitely look into that today! My friend has also convinced me to start a blog about pet ownership.
  16. I check in here every once in awhile! I can't say my life is super busy, but I'm trying to be more social IRL so I guess I'm trying to get more busy, haha. I definitely feel you all about money. I've been trying to get side jobs for some additional income, but it's very hard since I already work full time.
  17. Okay. I had one of my British colleagues explain the parties to me, so now things are easier to understand lol. But she couldn't explain the election mess to me; your post is very clear! I think it's a pretty different situation from trump, since there is a whole lot of people who are very much for him. But the big similarity is that the legislation is very divided, which makes it ineffective. Also the divides within parties, i.e. Old school republicans vs. Trumpers, Bernie-supporting democrats vs. Hilary supporters (moderates vs. far-right/left.)
  18. I've never really gotten the British political parties and I haven't been paying too much attention to the election coverage. Can someone explain what happened to me?
  19. what gets me is that this attack seems to have specifically targeted young people, especially young girls. that's just so fucked up.
  20. Possibly, but I missed open enrollment, so I would have to wait until November. I'm still young enough where I can be on my mom's insurance for a year, so I think we are going to do that and then I will get my own again next year. Which is probably safer since who knows what's going to happen with ACA insurance this year. *sigh* American insurance is so complicated!
  21. I'm excited! The main drawback is that it doesn't offer health insurance. Bleh. But I'm so excited to work for this organization regardless!
  22. It's great to see some new faces! I need to give MCR a proper listen again sometime... maybe I'll have that experience like you! Y'all... I had an interview yesterday for basically my dream organization, for a position I know I'll be good at and am qualified for. I wasn't sure how to feel after the interview yesterday, but one of my references just texted me and she said when she was talking to them they said they were excited to get me on board! Maybe this is the one! I'm trying to not get my hopes too up to high still.
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