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  1. Honestly, I went away to a fancy city for my degree, but you quickly learn that even if a university *sounds* impressive, doesn't mean it will actually help you get a job any quicker than someone who went to a local university. Also, this could be a Texas thing, but going to the state schools here holds a lot of weight for networking purposes (if you plan to work in Texas after school.) Although I know England is much smaller, so maybe it makes less of a difference? I'm excited to read your new piece!
  2. I'm making an effort to read more this year. I just finished Ready Player One, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I've started House of Mirth by Edith Wharton. I picked this up as a blind book package and I like it so far! My boyfriend lent me Norwegian Wood so that is next on my list.
  3. Yeah, my work drastically changed. We closed the shelter to the public, so all of our appointments have only been curbside. And we all have to wear masks inside the shelter the whole day. To be honest, I really enjoy our new appointment system. We used to operate mostly by appointments previously, but since we were open to the public, we could be called down for a walk-in at any point during the day. Which was kind of annoying if we had other work planned. So I feel a lot less stress knowing how the day is going to go. Plus, once appointments are done for the day, I can work the rest of the day from home. That's awesome that you're going back to school! What are you going to be studying come January?
  4. I could understand our governor's worry about the economic impact, however, it was really sucky to actually hear our lieutenant governor say that it was okay to accept some sacrifice (people's deaths!) for the sake of the economy! I guess that is capitalism at its finest? I am still at the animal shelter. We are trying to be as safe as possible while providing services to the community. I'm thankful to be at a place at the moment with sane leadership. Are you guys working/studying at the moment?
  5. Hi everyone, I can't sleep so wanted to pop in COVID is crazy, I'm still going into work most days, but it's very different. Our building is closed and we are doing things mostly online/through phone and drive-up appointments. Brinn is right that things in Texas are crazy. I'm in Harris County, and at least our county judge (kind of like the "mayor" of our county) is doing what she can to enforce mask and stay-home orders. But there is only so much she can do, since she can't override our dumbass governor. But it's scary since everyday we hear of people closer to us who have tested positive, even people who are staying at home. Oh, and also, there is a huge delay in testing here. Some people are able to get rapid tests (probably outside of the city) but most people finish their two week quarantine before getting test results back. I'm actually about to go out of town for a getaway, but we're going to the beach where we can still socially distance. Work has been crazy since March for both my boyfriend and I and we need some time to destress... Kerry, I read your post about you and Sam. I'm sorry about your break-up, but I hope you are able to start a new chapter in your life! I'm working from home today so hopefully I can check in and catch up on more posts 💜
  6. Whoa I can’t believe I haven’t posted on here since the summer! well I’m single after a thing that went on too long and still on the hunt for a new job (still working at my current job though.) Kerry, I think the pet shop idea sounds fantastic! I hope you are able to find an affordable premises.
  7. I realized I never updated y’all about the job interview or the date! The job interview turned out to be very strange because it was only five minutes, and then I never heard from them again. I’m thinking something happened before I came in, but I’m wondering why they just didn’t call to cancel the interview? It was weird and a bit unprofessional imo But the date was fantastic and we have continued seeing each other since then! He is so sweet and I’m really enjoying spending time with him! things have been crazy since the start of summer, since I have been really busy with cat sitting, on top of work, and apparently dating That’s awesome about buying an apartment, sonia!!
  8. Posting because I have a job interview tomorrow that I'm really excited/nervous about, as well as a first date immediately before it that I'm also excited/nervous about! Just hoping to get some good vibes!
  9. It's so funny how writing essays can be therapeutic for some Writing essays was always such a cluster for me! But maybe that's because I always put them off until the night before they were due?? That's probably why I have been avoiding working on my pet blog for so long! But I swear I will put effort into it soon! All this wedding talk has gotten me so excited! I'm going to my first "friend" wedding alone this year- previously I've only gone to cousin weddings, with my mom and other family members. My friends who have gotten married were all out of state. It feels so adult!
  10. I’m so glad to see that Sulfur made an appearance! Hope you’re doing well, lady! kind of related to the pet name discussion, my mom named my first cat Puff, after a cat she had as a child. So I named my second cat Gryffin to make them both Harry Potter themed
  11. Yeah it sucks. Right now I have medical and dental through my mom. But if I don’t find another job (or somehow get married) by the end of next year, I’ll have to purchase it... it will be about $130 a month just for catastrophic coverage (like if I get hit by a car or something.) at my last job with the city, I paid about $50 for month for medical, dental, and vision.
  12. Wow I’ve missed so much in the past couple of weeks. I’m so sorry you were made redundant, Kerry! Although I’m glad you started being proactive about it soon and went to an interview. not much has changed here. Still working! My plan was to look for a new job in the summer that has health insurance, but I really love working here. So I might end up doing Obamacare (even though it is stupid expensive for basic coverage.) Francesca, your book sounds cool! I can’t wait until it comes out in some form.
  13. I love my new apartment! It’s so much better for my pets and I. It’s in a better place in the complex as well, so my dogs aren’t hearing as many sounds to bark at. My cats are loving the playing on the stairs as well. And of course, I love the extra space! It feels like a more “grown up” place. Although like Sonia, I wish I could buy! I can’t afford that at all right now. But I would argue that most people in my city are renters. Sonia, have you looked more into or found some places you might like?
  14. Francesca- I did something similar for new year, just went to an old friend's house and played board games with some of my childhood friends! I've spent the past couple of days moving into a bigger apartment. it's so nice! I love it.
  15. Don't forget about American thanksgiving! Everyone does... but it celebrates food and friendship, so I think it's a good holiday to remember... At least you called! I would have just no-showed. I would also probably wait for counseling to be available rather than starting on medication. This is just knowing how often it takes 6-12 months or longer to actually find the right prescription...
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