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  1. We had a lot of fun. Life's been so hectic, I am happy I got to spend time with her and lurk the boards for the first time in forever. I'm sorry to hear about being away from your dogs, Rachel. I miss my cats I'm away from them for too long. *hugs*
  2. Lia

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    I'm in between books now, but I recently finished the Lunar Chronicles and Library of Souls (third book of Miss peregrine's Home for peculiar children). I loved both series soo much, I have so many feelings.
  3. Sulfur is pointing out my lack of posts. Honestly at least 500 of them are from when she would post on my account.
  4. Hi from Lulfur!!! Sulfur and I are in onesie pajamas, eating snacks, and watching movies!
  5. We like the poncho. In the year of the poncho, Sulfur used it as inspiration for her Gerard Halloween costume.
  6. Does anyone else remember how Gerard wore this garment all the time?? Lia and I were watching some old show videos together and seemed to forget how bad it had been. We wonder if he had multiple of the same shirt or if one day it had been worn so repeatedly it just walked away on its own. Does anyone else remember this one? Not our favorite, but it definitely was better from the front than the side though....
  7. Just coming by to say hiiii from me and Sulfur!! We are in Chicago together. She's been wanting to post but she needs to reset her password. We miss everyone!
  8. "Nothing from nowhere, I'm no one at all."

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    2. Adrenaline Threat Angel
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      We see them together on Friday :wub:

    4. msuNevershouldEverknow


      Yes! "Ready to recognize..." eh, I can't make out the next bit...Celluloid Dream is my fave though!

  9. Yeah, makes sense. Also I feel like it's important to have a safe space when you're doing something you like. It's not fair to have to be on guard when you are trying to do something that is supposed to be fun and/or relaxing. That's good that your friends had your back though- that definitely does help a lot! It seems that some people can be more vicious online because of the anonymity of it. :/
  10. Lia

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    I haven't been reading as much recently as I usually do but I did start Dust by Joan Frances Turner. I'm a bit undecided how I feel about it so far but we'll see how it goes!
  11. Hi and long time no talk everyone! Sorry I've been out of the loop. Life's been a bit hectic. Ashley, I'm sorry you had to deal with that. I don't blame you for wanting to protect yourself. For me, it's always this weird balance between wanting to be out/educate others and wanting to protect myself from people's negativity. I feel like sometimes it's just a matter of gauging the situation and doing what you feel safe with. Either way, hearing that kind of hate is awful.
  12. Dinner was good! I'm feeling sleepy now though. Long day with all these festivities. Thanks!!! Oh that sucks I hate how pit bulls are discriminated against. It's not fair that some people's poor choices give them a bad reputation when they can be some of the sweetest dogs when they're raised properly.
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