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    Music, art, photography, going to shows... and of course spending time with my family.
  1. Sorry for MY late reply, I understand busy! It happens to the best of us! Hope school is going well for you! Have a great holiday season!

  2. Sorry for the very late reply! Got busy with college and stuff.

    I think I know now what you mean by that popcycle stand. Hahaha! :)

  3. I have been super busy with offline life actually... been a little MIA again! LOL but I came back to find out now I'm a 5 star woman! WOOT! LOL

  4. AHHH offline life has just been a lil on the busy side.

  5. Hey you! I haven't seen you around in ages!

  6. LOL, it's just a saying... ask your mom. LOL Just like saying, 'I'm outa here', ya say 'I'm blowing this popsicle stand'

  7. LOL, it's just a saying... ask your mom. LOL Just like saying, 'I'm outa here', ya say 'I'm blowing this popsycle

  8. Popcycle stand? What's that? But if it pains you to reminisce, it's okay. :) I see. Well, that happens when a place sucked all of a sudden.

  9. Ya thats what I hear, there was some changes, even a lot of the more popular buzzers left and formed a facebook group. It got pretty ugly. They were even allowing folks that worked for thems copywritten work to be reposted without permission etc. I dont know all the details but a lot of people got really miffed, but that was loooong after I blew that popcycle stand.

  10. Well, I'm one of them actually. I also don't feel like going there anymore. Though I haven't deleted my account yet. Ah so the management is new. That's why it got crappier these days.

  11. Nah I wasnt really mad. I just seriously dislike that place! AND from what I have heard, a lot of people have left there now and hate the new management and layout.

  12. Hey, I wish you woulda told me who ya were, if ya recognized me... I woulda given ya a hug or somethin! Hope ya enjoyed the armband. I have a few more if your Dad wants one of the ring of fire ones!

  13. Thanks for the friend add! :) Nice to have you! :)

  14. LOL it's ok, lots of people don't know that I left there with bad blood. I forgivith you! ;) I still wuv you! LOL

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