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  1. Hey...hey, guess what...*poke*

  2. Hey...hey, guess what...*poke*

  3. It's cool Ghost Feet...It's cool

  4. Hi! Just SOS ya know if u haven't figured it out already, I also post under the name Hell_Razor I dunno just felt like both having accts ;)

  5. Well hello! Thanks for the friend. You may have noticed I also post under the name Hell_Razor. I just felt like both having accts!

  6. Oh no! I'm sorry! I hope everything works out.

  7. WOW! Thanks for the heads up!!!!!

    Sadly I've lost my job, so my planned hopeful vaca is postponed..... But we'll seee

  8. Hey, are you still looking for tickets for the Orlando show on May 18th? Because there's some on Ebay for $40.00

  9. No problem :) I'm happy to add you as a friend

  10. Thanks for the add! You've probably already noticed I also post under the name Decibel_Razor. I just felt like both having accts ;)

  11. Greetings! I am looking to purchase two custom bracelets. How shall I go about this?one is red/silver with Hell Razor. And a blue/silver with Decibel Razor. Im going ahead to purchase the gold killjoys bracket, just lemme know about how I can get the custom ones!

  12. Whoops: BTW both Razor profiles r me!

  13. I saw. AMAZING!!! See my comments there.

  14. Yeah. I swap between the two. He he. The sig did it's job well!

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