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    I love music (obviously. haha). I write all of the time and I love it... I don't know what else to say here. haha

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  1. Yeah actually, that was me. Wow I can't believe anyone remembers that

  2. Hi! This is really weird to ask... but did you, a long time ago, write an American Idiot musical type thing?? I had this friend a LONG time ago who did, and you remind me of her! lol I know it's weird. I was just wondering.

  3. Just wondering if your still workin on mah plushie ;P <3

  4. Hey.I saw your thread about those mini dolls you have made.People have been wondering how much you will be charging if you planned on making them.

  5. wow. I'm sorry for waiting like a week to reply to your post! my bad. lol. Well, to answer your question, nothing really interesting has been going on today!! Just lounging around! How is your day going?? :)

  6. Thank you! It's Norwegian. I like yours too, but I'm not sure how I pronouns? it :3

    Yeah, I understand, you are superlucky!

    Yeah, I hope so to. It would defently be a Party Poison Jacket, but I like Kobra Kid as well, and Mikey's dorkyness. Is Gerard your "favourite" in the band?

    btw, sorry for mistakes in the writing, :3

  7. Hi! I am in LOVE with your name! So pretty! And D: I wish that your parents would do that. But I don't take it for granted. I definitely feel SO lucky for it to have happened. I know that most people don't get the chance, so I'm forever grateful. :)

    I hope you get a jacket, too! :D If you were to get one, which one would you get? :D

  8. I KNOW! D: And I know all of the bands feel bad, too. Because they WANT to go there... It just takes time. Poor other countries. D:

    And here's the link to where you can edit it:



  9. I do not disagree. btw, I facebooked you <3

  10. Thank you ! :-D

    Hi, I'm Jannicke. Nice to meet you too. And you are so lucky to get a Party Poison jacket! I want one too, but my parent's would never suprise me with one :-( <3

  11. YAY =D

    Let me know whatcha think.

  12. overall though, Americans have it good when it comes to concerts. i feel bad for people on other continents because they have to wait FOREVER to see bands live, especially if the bands aren't famous!

    also, i have a quick question. where to you go to create a signature? i can't find it anywhere.

  13. I know...haha They're so amazing, taking time to come here. :D

  14. Oh but it IS boring. lol

    And I'll start reading it later! I can't wait! :D

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