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  1. Now who's to be the savior of the broken, the beaten and the damned?

  2. This is not supposed to happen!!! This has got to be some sort of sick April Fools joke Frank is playing or something.

  3. What the holy actual fuck? MCR broke up?! I can't handle this. I am hyperventilating and crying all at the same time.

  4. I wish... to become a world famous author #mythirdwish #OnceuponaTime

  5. How do #students spend their time at #college? Check out the Time Management [iNFOGRAPHIC] http://t.co/NHBEGR25 via @studentloannet

  6. Its nothing like a family get together to remind me how little I have in common with them.

  7. On my way to the bank to get the money that I need to start this payment plan.

  8. Check out these #college tips! Freshman jobs: Ways to Earn & Save Cash [iNFOGRAPHIC] http://t.co/9SkGM913 via @studentloannet

  9. That has to be the most difficult thing ever.

  10. Right now I'm about to see if they already have my health records on file from when I was here last. Hopefully they do.

  11. I've taken another step toward getting my life together.

  12. My older cousin is really irking my nerves. She just said that she'll smack me. God, I wish she would.

  13. New from The Legend of Korra: artwork by Joaquim Dos Santos! Brought to you by #korranation. Check it out - http://t.co/Byu1Vwo1

  14. New from The Legend of Korra: epic finale episode! Brought to you by #korranation. Check it out - http://t.co/LjVLFKBS

  15. New from The Legend of Korra: new clip from season finale! Brought to you by #korranation. Check it out - http://t.co/ufGcEizH

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