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  1. I'm listening to The Hush Sound. My band's guitarist really wants to cover their music, so I'm trying to get a feel for their work, seeing as the only songs of theirs I heard before giving them a listen now were the song they did on the pre-Folie A Deux Fall Out Boy mix tape and "Wine Red."

    I really am taking a liking to their work.

  2. The copy of Perks that I reserved is on hold for me at the library!

    Going to pick it up tomorrow. May or may not read it while getting the first session of my tattoo. My ex- who is also a really good friend of mine still because I'm strange and somehow manage to actually stay good friends with people I've previously dated- is coming to the tattooing session with me and also adores the book, so we're more likely than not just going to spend the entire time talking about the book in detail and crying about how perfect Patrick is in both the book and the movie while my mom nods along to what we have to say and agrees with us the Ezra Miller is a perfect human being.

  3. Note to self: let bigger people catch Jimmy's stuff. :blink: Faintly worried I'm going to die in the pit... well, there's only one way to find out.

    I was pretty little (I think I may have been 5'4 at the time. I'm done growing and 5'5 now) at the time that I caught what he threw and I survived. You just have to make sure not to stiffen up if you get tackled. Going limp will usually keep you safe from injury, based off of my experience.

    I say if you REALLY want whatever is being thrown into the crowd and you're lucky enough to have it literally land right in your hands, hold onto whatever you catch for dear life. If you'd rather avoid the possibility of injury, I'd say dodge the item.

  4. Mindless in a week!!! Anyone else seeing them this tour?

    You will have a blast :D I saw them perform in 2008 and it was phenomenal. I still have the hoodie that Jimmy threw to me. Granted, it's ripped to bits and I cut a sleeve off of it to send to a friend that wanted to make it to the show but wasn't able to at the last minute, but it's still enough of a hoodie to wear, so long as you don't mind the fact that it looks like a dog shredded it with its teeth.

    I may have possibly been tackled by ten people who tried to rip the hoodie out of my hands but failed because I white knuckled the thing once it got into my grasp. I also may have faked an injury and faked tears to get the jerks off of me. Most people feel pretty shitty after they realize they just "injured" a fourteen-year-old girl and made her cry.

    In actuality, I was absolutely fine. Just severely annoyed that ten people thought it was a good idea to tackle a girl who obviously wasn't even old enough to drive. Luckily I'm quite good at calling up fake tears if I absolutely need to. It definitely helped me out that day.

    The funniest part about the whole thing to me was the when everyone realized they had probably injured me two of the people, after apologizing politely asked me if they could rip a part of the hoodie off to take home. I let them, but I was mostly wondering why they didn't just do that in the first place.

    Oh MSI crowds. You so crazy :P

    Sad to say I'm not going to be catching any of the shows this tour. They aren't coming to Florida :[ If they do tour their new album through Florida though (The one they're attempting to fund through Kickstarter right now) I will be all over that tour. It's been way too long since I've seen them perform and I'm kind of starting to miss how psychotic their shows pits can get.

  5. I still need to buy the Greyhound ticket that I'll need to get to the concert venue, but I bought a ticket to see Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra perform on September 15th.

    Does anyone by any chance know when the gates open for fans to enter at Warped Tour? I'm trying to figure out what time I should get myself to the venue I'll be catching a show of it on this Sunday

  6. Noelle You goat!

    If you told you me you were going to warped tour I could have requested you a photo press pass if you had given me time!

    can't now.


    I didn't think I was going to be able to afford it because of my trip to Europe. After going to a concert on Saturday that one of the main stage bands of Warped played at though I couldn't stop myself from buying a ticket.

    Really wishing I hadn't taken my time deciding if I wanted to attend Warped or not now.

    Next Warped Tour I suppose?

  7. If TBS does a signing get a shirt signed for me!

    and I pay you back for the shirt!

    Can do! ^_^

    I still have the contact information of the man that runs the contest that got both of us VIP passes. I should be able to send him a message asking him if he knows if TBS will be doing a public meet and greet line once the tour gets going.

    I was actually thinking of doing something like that for you straylight. smile.gif

    I will try my best.

    If you or anyone else are able to have John Nolan sign a shirt for straylight at a Warped show before July 29th please post about doing so on here so we can make sure Elaine doesn't end up having to pay multiple people back for sending her signed shirts :P lol

  8. hahah cheers - I'm still not psyched about it yet, not surprising since it's months away...

    I've seen neither before so it should be interesting ;)

    have fun at warped!!

    who's actually playing this year in the US? i keep forgetting...

    I haven't seen her perform live myself, but a friend of mine saw her Monster Ball tour and told me that Gaga fought off a giant angler fish while playing the piano during the show. She didn't have any pictures of it, sadly, but the description of what she saw sounded awesome enough to me to make me want to see Lady Gaga perform live hahah :lol:

    I will! :D

    Taking Back Sunday and The Used are headlining it I believe.

    The Used won't be playing the show I'm catching though, since they were literally in Florida days ago performing at 97X's Backyard Barbeque- which is actually held at the same venue as St. Pete's Warped Tour- and a show at Orlando's House of Blues.

    I'm planning on watching Taking Back Sunday (mainly because I'm a huge fan of John Nolan and he's back in the band), Falling In Reverse (who I would have probably ended up skipping the set of if it wasn't for their fantastic performance at 97X's show this last weekend since I'm not intensely familiar with their music), All Time Low, We Are The In Crowd, Motionless In White, Bayside, Streetlight Manifesto, Four Year Strong and Sick of Sarah.

    I'm most excited for Taking Back Sunday, We Are The In Crowd, Bayside and Falling In Reverse.

  9. It was more of an impulsive decision than my concert ticket purchases usually are, but I bought a ticket to Warped Tour today.

    I'm really looking forward to it. This most definitely won't be my first Warped show, but it's the first one I've actually been excited about attending based solely on the bands performing at it since 2008, when I did start attending Warped.

    08.09.12 - LADY GAGA + The Darkness, Lady Starlight

    Ahhh! :lol: So jealous that you're getting to see Lady Gaga AND The Darkness live!

    Panic! At The Disco made me a fan of The Darkness with the tour they did last October. I caught two shows of the tour and they covered The Darkness' "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" both times. It was absolutely fantastic. If their music videos and music are an indicator of how good they are live, you will enjoy their set. Just tellin' you now :P

  10. Since tomorrow is /hopefully/ my last day of having to clean my family's house like there's no tomorrow I'm finally going to have the opportunity to sit down and read Whitstable Mum in Custard Shortage and Other World Exclusives from Britain's Finest Local Newspapers. I've flipped through it and I've read articles here and there in it but I haven't actually had enough free time to sit down and read it cover to cover yet.

    Making that a goal.

  11. I might be going to Warped Tour, depending on if I'm able to win tickets through my local radio station. My chances aren't the absolute best since I don't even have a radio in my car, but I do know when they do the majority of their ticket giveaways and I can listen to their station online.

    The show coming through the town closest to me is happening a little less than two weeks after I get back to the US from Europe, so I don't think I'd be able to afford tickets to Warped unless I got my arse worked during the time span of me getting home and the show. I'm a part-timer though, so I honestly doubt that'd happen.

    Luckily, this radio station does throw a free concert every year though that usually has pretty well known bands playing it. Last year Panic! was their headliner. This year The Used is. I picked up two tickets and two Jump the Line wristbands from one of the eight or so locations that the station gave wristbands and tickets to the other day. Falling In Reverse and Foxy Shazam are also going to be playing it this year. Should be a good show.

    If not, a lot of people I'm really good friends with are going to be there so at the very least it'll be a fun opportunity to socialize while decent music is playing.

  12. I really want to read Lovers & Kings by Steven Juliano but the library system needs to purchase a copy of it before I'm able to get my hands on it. I'm not currently reading a book mainly due to the fact that I'm so dead set on getting my library to order a copy of that one.

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