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  1. woah mega late reply :/ i thought i'd replied earlier but apparently not. I'd been busy packing for camping after I go to leeds and I still need to get all my art done for the time school starts again.

  2. Haha, I was the same... I was half expecting the squeak and kinda shocked then =P

  3. yeah i saw that one although i was kinda disappointed that fred actually sounded normal rather than how he sounds in his videos :P

  4. haha, yeah it's amazing!!! =P In one of the new shane dawson vids he meets Fred.. turns out they don't hate each other LOL =P

  5. haha i think he's annoying as well :P have you ever seen the shane dawson video fred is dead? its awesome

  6. Sorry for the mega late reply =( I'm not a huge Fred fan.. I'd watch maybe one or two videos occasionaly but after that, I think he gets a bit annoying. What do you think?? Am I being unfair? :/ What do you think of RWJ and yourfavouritemartian??

  7. 'd never heard of him before but am now subbed :) what do you think of fred? :P

  8. Haha, When I watched Alex reads Twilight I couldn't stop laughing ;P Hmm, Danisnotonfire is another good youtuber =D

    I like the really long interviews the most, because it's more time listening to the band, less time searching through videos ;P

  9. wow i'd never seen that interview before. Thanks for the link :)

  10. oh yeah i forgot about him :P i like it when he's in charlies videos :) i like the ones where he reads twilight :P

  11. oops, posted funny ;S I like long interviews like this ;P

  12. oops, posted funny ;S I like long interviews like this ;P

  13. I watch shane dawson and charlieissocoollike aswell ;P They're so funny. Have you ever seen nerimon?? he's like charlie's friend? I think I prefer him =D

    I love that interview!! Mikey's just so adorable =D I like arts and crafts too ;P haha

    I've watched way too many interviews of bands...mainly MCR, but tons of Green Day, 30stm, MSI, etc aswell =D I love ...

  14. i watch shane dawson mostly and then i mlike charlieissocoollike, smiling limpet and OMFGitsjackanddean :) oh and then theres the endless MCR and green day interviews :) have you seen this mikey interview-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=es_zuygVlbE. Its so cute :P

  15. Lol, I go on youtube way too much!! What do you look up? I like vloggers mainly, and MCR interviews ;P I think I'vve seen them all by now ;P

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