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  1. Haha, not really. I just poke my head in once in awhile to talk to you and such :)

  2. very very true! How have you been doing? Are you back on the boards full force?

  3. Haha, I wouldn't be surprised! I'm sure they're out there somewhere, we just haven't seen them yet...

  4. ... and Revenge XD I was being sarcastic, it's not at all surprising that we'd find him there. It would be even cooler if we found more videos like this, young Gee just popping up in random places :D

  5. Haha, this /is/ Gerard Way we're talking about. The guy as a psychotic fascination with horror movies and the undead XD

  6. Hooray!! That video was pretty wild :D I wonder why he decided to go to that, kind of morbid but not entirely unexpected ^_^

  7. DUDE! Check out the Gerard pictures thread! I found that video! :D

  8. Haha, yeah, for now at least. I think I can afford to give the Rmy another chance... :)

  9. RACHAEL RACHAEL RACHAEL RACHEL!!! (That's how you spell your name, right?) I'm so glad we're going to the same show together!!! I'll PM you my number! Text me so we can meet up! :D

  10. Aww sorry to hear it! If you don't mind me asking, what happened? How did your friend's tour report turn out?

  11. I didn't get to go to the concert, unfortunately :( (Long story) and I haven't honestly been doing that well, but I did get to see them, and that's what's important :) Do you know if you got your date yet?

  12. When's the show?? If you're not able to go with her, do you still have a ticket or are you still able to go? How have things worked out since you last wrote?

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