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  1. np! Nice to meet ya~ :D

  2. thank you for the add! :D

  3. #HappyBirthdayTheBlackParade trending now!

  4. np! i made a new topic :D its a game: name that song number 2! its really fun! its on entertainment btw

  5. thank you for the add! (:

  6. i wish there'll be halloween mcrmy missions XD

    1. Lil' FunGhoul

      Lil' FunGhoul

      that would b soo kool!

    2. soul eater.

      soul eater.

      i know! it's going to be fun too

    3. Lil' FunGhoul
  7. here's the vid where gerard is singing with blink live:

  8. amazed how gerard's voice fit with blink's first date. just. wow

    1. Headphone Hotshot

      Headphone Hotshot

      oooo that sounds like something I'd wanna hear.

  9. thank you for the add! (:

  10. Just wanted to say I love the HellGirl icon of yours.

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