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  1. Death Spells and MSI were amazing yesterday! Death Spells live were more melodic than what the excerpts let beleive, wich is not a bad thing, the projections were often in the same style that the Where are my f**king pills video, sometimes more abstract, not always in synch with the songs and there was no interection with the crowd between the songs... The came, they kicked ass, it was great, it was intense, and they were gone... MSI were also high on energy! Jimmy very playfull, it was fun, there was a lot of interaction, signing along it was good, really, really good! "Poutine will fix it!" ;-D Both acts exceeded my expectations by far!!! So if you have the chance, I can only recommend...
  2. Anyone going to see Death Spell + MSI? Care to review? I am going to see them on the 17th (next wednesday) and a bit curious / a bit anxious as to what to expect... Took the day off as it's general admission, but just learned that my daughter has the afternoon off from school that day, so I'd feel like a jerk to leave her early with a sitter just to go and wait (just can't do it!...), so it looks like I'll be joining the line late anyway...
  3. Hi!Saw your last post in the deathmau5 thread... Sorry if this was a rhetorical question, but just in case, one easy way of getting it to your ipod is to use a shareware like keepvid (just type keepvid.com and copy + paste the web adress of the vid you want from youtube, there will be plenty of choices offered on the format in wich to download it the last one being convert to mp3. Hope that...

  4. Hey I saw your comment about the halloween shirt in the K! thread. What size did you get? Mine is still processing and I really hope it won't be backordered, since I really want to get it so desperately :(

  5. Sorry about making you cry, but I hope it wasn't a bad thing. I had responded to you in the thread, but wasn't sure if you would see it. I am kind of glad I shared that now, since it was nice to have other killjoys know about my lack of ability to take my sib to see MCR, even though she loves them. Hope you're having a good weekend :)

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