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  1. I know I posted this about a month back but I am DESPERATE for a Honey This Mirror... 7" Vinyl. It's the last one I need for my collection :I(
  2. Unsure if this place is still active but I am desperately looking for the following items: - Honey This Mirror... 7" vinyl - Like Phantoms Forever (CD) - Rayguns (not Jet Star) - Danger Days jackets Thanks
  3. Show start in an hour and a half and I'm not there yet. This is odd. On the other hand, LTE! http://t.co/kAgygefa

  4. Today will be interesting. I'll finally be working alone with the new manager.

  5. I should really look into a second job if I am serious about Chicago. Work just keeps cutting mine :(

  6. FINALLY figured out all the classes I'll be taking. Just let it be spring 2014 so I can graduate.

  7. Holy shit. These Cowboys...

  8. I really need some Starbucks for this stupid cold weather

  9. I have the new Further Seems Forever album downloading. :')

  10. I need some blank cassette tapes and a recorder so I can make some authentic mixtapes.

  11. A withered past and a blurry future. My hearts on an auction, it goes out to the highest bid. http://t.co/pbENzvQh

  12. Just saw a @hopelessrecords sticker in Degrassi. Kinda cool

  13. My favorite picture of @ChapStique from tonight. I love you guys :)http://t.co/7DSnRjrd

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