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    I'm interested in a lot of stuff...

    Mainly physics and comic books! BAKUGAN! I love Bakugan! OMG! I'm such a kid!! I love Pokemon! And Tokyo Mew Mew's pretty cool ¬_¬.

    I'm like the ultimate nerd!

  1. Thank you for the add ;D

  2. Night. It's 9 p.m. Bye :3

  3. cool! I've got to go now!! Have a nice evening (or morning or afternoon or night, i don't know the time difference :S)

  4. Of course! I'm so excited!

  5. yeah! I hope you enjoy your holiday!

  6. I love London. I'm going there on holiday. Great! :D

  7. I'm from London!

    And you're from Poland! I have a friend from Poland, called Patryk.

  8. Where are you from? ;>

  9. lol. I'm not really 98 years olf. And thanks! I like your avatar too. It's cute

  10. Sorry, my English isn't good. WOHOA! You have 98 years old! XD And amazing avatar.

  11. What kinda chocolate :P

  12. Thanks for the response! XD Oh, I'm fine. Thanks. I'm eating chocolate. Do you want a little? :P

  13. I'm fine, thanl you for asking!! How are you today? XD

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