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  1. I've never seen any of her interviews but I really really REALLY liked The Host. It's much better than Twilight. I'm gonna try to go to the 10 PM or midnight release of it...very excited for it!
  2. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.......haha! I just finished New Moon and read that as soon as I finished Twilight.......... ;D? ;D
  4. I have coming up so far: Wicked the musical The Book of Mormon musical Lady Gaga One Direction Taylor Swift Probably MSI I'm really hoping MCR, Billy Talent, and Josh Groban tour this summer in the US.
  5. Or you could be naturally immune to the ways of Doctor Who ;D
  6. Coming Up Shows/Events: 10/17- Kellogg's Gymnastics Tour 10/26- Justin Bieber (POSSIBLY...I don't have tickets, but I might walk around outside the venue and see if anyone has an extra, lol) 1/5/13- Wicked the Musical 2/4/13- Lady Gaga (if I can get tickets. They go on sale soon!) March 2013- The Book of Mormon Musical (tickets aren't on sale yet) 7/19/13- One Direction I'm hoping Billy Talent does a tour soon to support their new album, Dead Silence!
  7. I think it's awesome they have classical influences! *is a nerdy music teacher* I think in one of their earlier editions of the mcr.com site, they listed Beethoven or Bach as one of their influences
  8. Yay! I just put up both the videos so you can compare To The End to Bach
  9. yessssssssss, I've been thinking Woody Woodpecker for years! I'd been wanting to ask them about that...as well as To The End being a riff on Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Bach...... (right at 1:18 seems like the source material for Ray's solo in To The End. If you just concentrate on the top notes of that section, that's pretty much Ray's solo almost verbatum I think...he riffs on it a bit though) Compare to "To The End" at 2:00 and.......Heaven Help Us being an "anti-Christmas carol carol" like Party Poison is an "anti-party party song". Because......Heaven Help Us, the lyrics, are an extension of "O Holy Night". O Holy Night= O Hear the angels' voices. Heaven Help Us= Hear the sound, the angels come screaming down your voice. And the guitars in that song just sound Christmas-esque to me.
  10. Any way we could forward that idea to supermod, Tina? I'd just like more people to get a legit chance at meeting their favorite band.
  11. yep...those were some of the tweets I'd seen earlier today. Another person tweeted a PICTURE OF THEIR PLANE THAT HAD JUST LANDED. Um....wat. That's not an invasion of privacy or anything. Just now that Frank has tweeted about it, I hope the behavior will stop...and if the tweet didn't work, that hearing that the boys will just ignore people will make the behavior stop. If they didn't try to put a stop to it, it would just escalate and who knows how out of control it could be or what the consequences could be for the fans or the band. That being said, perhaps as a way to combat this type of behavior, maybe the band could offer up more legitimate meet & greet opportunities? Such as through the boards or even through their own site? Pick 10-25 kids, each can bring a friend...signing with a big group picture afterwards or something. I understand the frustration of those who have been fans for a very long time or people who live in countries they don't visit very often. It makes you want to meet them *that much more*. So, if there were more opportunities through the band/record label, it could cut down on negative behavior and give more people an opportunity to meet the boys. Some people can only meet the band if their radio is doing a M&G contest, and most of those are extremely hard to win or favor a certain demographic (those who can drive/not in school/not in a job/those who are great drawers). If we had them through the boards or the site, it could be an even playing field. You'd just submit your name and the show you'd like it for and they'd randomly pick people. That's just an idea, of course. And I would want the boys to want to do those types of M&G and not feel obligated. Overall though, the most important thing is the music and experiencing a show from one of your favorite bands.
  12. Touche, good additions to the point, Cassie.
  13. An addition has been added to the original post at the end called "EDITED TO ADD 2/4/12", addressing waiting at airports or hotels to meet the band. I've been following tweets to Frank after his tweet, as well as seeing previous videos on youtube, and have found some things interesting. It seems like the first time it happened, it was just a handful of fans, and they willingly signed things for them and a few band members did pictures. This meeting was posted on youtube, which was a big controversy in the fandom. Then a video popped up on youtube a few days later at a different airport where MCR's security had the fans (a bigger amount than the 1st video) wait by a wall and then they came up and signed for everyone. The video spurred controversy among the fandom. Then I guess, reading tweets from people, that some people had waited at their hotel and had successfully met them and got to chat with them for a few minutes. As a fan, seeing all these videos/tweets where fans had met them would be a positive reinforcement for other fans to try the same thing. However, each time, it seemed to get a bit more extreme or there were more people showing up each time. However, it seems like the band requested for this not to happen, thus Frank's tweet last night. After Frank's tweet, fans had continued to wait for them in the airport. I guess the band just walked past the fans without waving or anything and went on with their business, which makes sense to me. If you politely request someone stop a behavior you don't like and the behavior continues, a good way to combat that is by ignoring the behavior. If the band had talked to those fans AFTER Frank's tweet, his tweet would've been empty words. I'm not judging anyone, just trying to show what I've seen over the last 2 weeks and why Frank tweeted what he did. I just don't want fans to try to meet them at the airport/hotel and be disappointed when the band (more than likely), will ignore them from now on. The boys are people too, and I know they like privacy just like the rest of us. Also, airports DO suck, especially after landing from a long flight and you don't know WTF you're going and you've just woken up and your breath is probably rank and all you want to do is to be out of the airport TSA hoopla. I just don't want anyone to lose heart in the band or their message/music if they don't end up meeting the band, or it wasn't exactly how they imagined it.
  14. Hey killjoy! Please check out the teasers for our upcoming killjoy film, Manila 2019. Thanks! http://www.youtube.com/user/PoisonTheCureprod

  15. hahaha it's Snape in a Rocky Horror outfit. :D

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