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  1. Your photo is fluttershy... I approve of this.

  2. That's really cool that you're from Indy...Everyone's talking about meeting up way before the show but I'm sure I won't be able to go. My brother in law most likely won't want to drop me off considering he's working and I'm working maybe until the evening... :(

  3. No worries about the cars. I've only been to a venue this big once before and it was actually this very arena. I saw No Doubt with some friends when they played there in either summer 08 or 09. It's going to be very interesting to do that from the pit perspective, since I bought wonderful $15 lawn tickets for ND and was far away. It's going to be an entirely new venue with pit tickets :D

  4. Cars. Duh.

    Nope, never been there. The only concert I've been to was a small indoor one so Verizon should be a whole lot of fun for me.

  5. I've heard from a couple people on the boards that Blink is playing last, which is weird to me. MCR is bigger than them in my opinion, but oh well, no one asked me ^_^ It's definitely going to be an interesting time, there are alot of unknown variables at this point

  6. All of it would just get put back in my car or their car during the show. Have you been to Verizon in Noblesville before? The field for their parking is right against next to the actual venue. So it wouldn't be that far of a hike to put stuff back in the forth in our cars, which is why I hope they don't book anyone for the night before, because it will make it completely crazy to park there :P

  7. One of my best friends loves Blink. But as a whole, I don't know anything about the fans either.

    MCR's playing first? Where'd you hear that?

    There goes my awesome buildup. Though I'm sure I won't mind as much after I listen to them a little more.

    Chairs are a good idea. Do you just leave them outside during the show and hope no one's stupid enough to take them?

  8. I have some friends who are going to do it with me, they camped out at our last MCR show and we hope to do it again. They usually come complete with a tent, chairs, and all the bells and whistles. They mean serious business and hopefully it won't be too bad/ hot to do all this too

  9. What I'm even more curious about is what are crazy rabid Blink fans like? I've honestly not known people who liked them since they came out when I was in middle school. So it surprised me to say the least that MCR would be playing before them. It's definitely going to be some very interesting fan interactions; hopefully they're nice :)

  10. Good luck. There's none atm so hopefully it'll stay that way.

    I'll probably aim for morning. I need sleep. I'd be exhausted by the time the show came came around if I waited all night.

  11. I'm glad you're still hanging out before the show, because it's going to be a blast to have everyone together. MCR fans are really a special breed and there's nothing like getting them all together to hangout and glorify their favorite band :) I'm really hoping there is no band playing there the night before, because I was planning on being there super early, maybe around dinner

  12. Thanks. MCR is probably the only band I would ever do that for.

    I'll definitely be hanging out before the show. My friend and I had a ton of fun waiting 7 hours outside the venue for AFI last year. Now that I think about it no one really even talked to us. Judging from these message boards MCR fans are much more friendly.

  13. Congrats on your tickets, that is dedication to MCR if I ever heard it ;) I love them, but I don't think I would be willing to shell out that much money to see Jesus let alone Gerard Way. I'm just really happy I got the tickets and can't wait to set our plans in motion. Even though you have sweet tickets, are you still considering doing the long long pre show hangout with your fellow killjoys? :D

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