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  1. My Doctor Who obsession has become unhealthy. I watched 32 episodes in 5 days. FUCK SOCIAL LIFE

  2. (Sorry for the late answer) I'm CatNox88, add meee! :D

  3. Hahah! I got my e-mail yesterday...and, drumroll please....Ravenclaw!!! (: What's your username?

  4. Ok, done, and thanks for reminding me! Sorry!

  5. hey, thanks for the add ;)

    and nice to meet you.

  6. You need to delete your last post on the Bullets Elimination Thread.

  7. Ow, you still didn't get yours? Sorry for you D: Pottermore better gets it shit together... I got sorted into Ravenclaw *happy dance* (I was a hatstall actually :D) You're gonna love it, I'm sure! See the positive aspects - the later you join, the less failures the site has. ;)

  8. :D I'm doing just fine!! Just waiting for my Pottermore e-mail....how are you?
  9. Holla, a fellow Ravenclaw! How are you? :)

  10. I'm from Staffordshire in England, I would post on the topic, but it's a little awkward :P

  11. Enter Shikari - Sssnakepit

  12. My afternoon was MCRmy.com and Pottermore so far. Socially awkward.

    1. RavenclawQuidditchCaptain


      Actually, that sounds like the ideal afternoon...

  13. What's your Pottermore username? I wanna add you all! :D

  14. I Heart Sharks - The World Is Yours ♥

  15. OMG I haven't been online for AGES D: so sorry!

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