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  1. OO what've you got to tell me ? :D

    exciting xx

  2. good night, sleep tight! dont let franksmilliondogs ... bite

    1. Love Poison

      Love Poison

      haha, love that one! :D

    2. Love Poison

      Love Poison

      haha, love that one! :D

  3. hi guys, JUST got my internet back!

  4. matching reputation ;D

    hahah sorry thought I'd say that since I noticed XD

  5. you're fucking signiture man <3

  6. if you have twitter, tweet #shutupglennbeck... lets get it trending! MCR FIGHT BACK

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    2. Shurbet101


      aw thank you very much

    3. MCRsavedMYlife


      welcome XPXD and i ordered ray's but its taking a while 2 get in...i ordered it exactly a week ago so how long did it take 4 u 2get urs

    4. Shurbet101


      mine took like, 2 weeks >.<

  7. hey, idk when you'll see this but

    i started a trendd #shutupglennbeck

    its getting quite big, i want to post it on a topic on here to get tweets,

    can i? or is that not appripriate for the website?

  8. GUYS, TWEET #shutupglennbeck

  9. why dont they have adult sized onsies? i'd totally wear it

    1. MCRsavedMYlife


      U GOTS FRANKS KILLJOYS VEST THING cool!! idk which 1 im getting i cant choose

    2. Shurbet101
  10. you watching the royal wedding?

    what a hoot, me and mam and the cats bought flags and everything! haha. and no not inactive, just keep forgetting to check comments!!

    and my dad bought me it, it came to just under a hundred all togethor i think!

    thankyou btw xxx



    thankyou so much for wishing my happy birthday, i completely forget to check my comments on this page, honestly.!

    but how've you been lately?

    we havent spoke in a few weeks xxx

  13. hi sorry i always forget to check my comments,

    im fine thankyou :)

    how're youuuu xxxxx


  15. fuck school, get a moped

  16. i wouldnt want everyone to follow me/follow them, it'd clog up my twitter and there'd be no room for iero! hahah lmao,

    i dont really get twitter...

  17. HAHHA soul sistaz

    and yeah i do... i have like... 2 followers... its great. LMFAO none of my friends have twitter! i just stalk frank on it ;) @shurbet101

  18. god man, are you my twin?

    i see you everywere

    you comment on the same shit as me and always reply to my posts, we seem to think alike

    we are officially twinnies. -highfive-

  19. ahahah i cant speak greek :( sorry

    and yeah i love greece, i go every year! im comming in the summer as usual :)

    im not sure what its called, but when i go, we spend our nights in "the square" its in the centre of athens i think with alot of shops and bars, its lovely :)

    and my family have a house on heos? and agistri.. so we stay on one of the islan...

  20. yeah i suppose, well

    my dad was,

    and im his daughter

    so im quarter greek

    hey! my dad lived in athens too...

    he lives in


    i cant spell it in greek sorry, thats how you pronounce it though >.<

  21. I'm doing english literature,history and media :) wow, that sounds technical, what do you want to do as a job?

  22. man, this is just like a facebook for killjoys.

    1. hayceMCRmy


      LOL! You can say that again. Now I prefer this site more than Facebook. :P

  23. hehehehe, i love meeting killjoys from the facebook page >.<

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