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  1. Hey Caitie! We just finished our first killjoy film. I hope you can check it out sometime.

  2. Hey! I've just got facebook and I'm only adding the MCRmy and Parafamily. Here's my page: http://www.facebook.com/KilljoyLadyDanger

  3. We have this MCRmy mission here in Manila. I am about to direct a very short killjoy video. The concept, of course, is still the same as MCR's but the writer and I came up with a different story. We're currently on the pre-prod stage right now and will start shooting soon. Here are the costume designs of our characters:


  4. OO what've you got to tell me ? :D

    exciting xx

  5. Hey, hey. You busy lately Caitie? I've lots to tell you. LOL. xo

  6. good night, sleep tight! dont let franksmilliondogs ... bite

    1. Love Poison

      Love Poison

      haha, love that one! :D

    2. Love Poison

      Love Poison

      haha, love that one! :D

  7. hi guys, JUST got my internet back!

  8. matching reputation ;D

    hahah sorry thought I'd say that since I noticed XD

  9. Now this is a really late reply, sorry. I just came home from an awesome summer camp. :) The royal wedding was epic here in our country, you know, they say it's like Cinderella in real life and things like that. But I'd rather marry Gerard than a prince. HAHA. Kidding. So, how are you and your Fun Ghoul vest? Your dad's one generous and supportive father, if I may add. :))

  10. Hey there, i'm ok you? >.<

  11. you're fucking signiture man <3

  12. if you have twitter, tweet #shutupglennbeck... lets get it trending! MCR FIGHT BACK

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Shurbet101


      aw thank you very much

    3. MCRsavedMYlife


      welcome XPXD and i ordered ray's but its taking a while 2 get in...i ordered it exactly a week ago so how long did it take 4 u 2get urs

    4. Shurbet101


      mine took like, 2 weeks >.<

  13. hey, idk when you'll see this but

    i started a trendd #shutupglennbeck

    its getting quite big, i want to post it on a topic on here to get tweets,

    can i? or is that not appripriate for the website?

  14. GUYS, TWEET #shutupglennbeck

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