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  1. Aaaand now it's been over a month since your last comment! Haha I've been so busy this summer. I'm trying to live it up before I go away. I'm going to school up near San Francisco. Leaving in a few weeks. I'm so excited! How's your summer been?

  2. oh my god, wow! congratulations :D :D

    what are you planning on doing now?

    (btw, i can't believe we haven't sent anything on here for a month.)

  3. I actually didn't have any final exams, just a bunch of projects due the last week of school, which for the seniors was a week earlier than the rest of the school. I graduated last Thursday!! It's so crazy, still can't believe I'm not in high school anymore.

  4. i know, right?!

    yeah, it is. if they do a good job of it then i think the film could be pretty influential on their status as actors.

  5. Wow, that's a really lame insult. abahahaaa!

    All I'll be thinking is Percy Jackson and Hermione Granger when I first see them in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It's awesome that they are branching out though, it's really cool!

  6. me too! less than a month ago i spent all day on here and now i have so little time!

    wow senior year! that's big. good luck with everything. do you have any exams at the end of the year?

    i have shit lots of work/revision to do for mine approaching in less than three weeks - i'm shitting brix.

  7. Oh my goooooooooooodness I haven't logged on in so long...school is really catching up with me. Gotta get things in order before I graduate! Can't believe the end of senior year is here already, aaaaaaaahhh

  8. i'm glad!

    i love both of them hopefully they'll pull it off. we'll see how emma's accent is.

    i got kind of annoyed because i was reading a thread on IMDB and they were discussing logan as charlie and one of the main arguments against was 'he has that stupid disney zac efron haircut' and i just faceplanted. yes, because that makes him a bad actor and he can never cut his hair.

  9. I know! I saw on Tumblr! I'm so pumped for the movie. Logan Lerman and Emma Watson in the same movie? I can die happy now, thankyou.

    Yaay! Thank you! It was totally awesome. (:

  10. awesome! i love that book too, it's so lovely! do you know about the film adaptation coming out like next year? hopefully they won't fuck it up. also, just saw your status - you're seeing mcr tonight? have fun! :D

  11. Okay so I got a new book on Friday and I finished it that same day, then I re-read it on Saturday and finished it on Sunday and now I'm re-re-reading it for my English class for silent reading. It's The Perks of Being a Wallflower. omg my favourite book.

  12. "back off, man. i'm a scientist."

  13. true, how boring would we be without it? ;) you too! xo

  14. Us kids, we're so ambitious! It's a good thing, though. Best of luck to you on your future travels/living plans. ;-)

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