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  1. only just figured out how to change my status on this new layout ._.

  2. Sleeping With Sirens if I'm not working that day.
  3. Blue hair is too much effort to maintain, going red on Thursday. If blonde suited me properly my life would be so much easier.

  4. Hey I just noticed I've got 5 stars

  5. I fell asleep during my 20 hour Potterthon whyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  6. Still on Tale of the Body Thief but I took a day's break to read The Hunger Games. I was really surprised about how much the film missed out! I also started reading The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer this morning. Only 2 chapters in so far.
  7. The Tale of the Body Thief by Anne Rice. It's a terrific book, I accidently stayed up reading until 8 AM a few days ago.
  8. Working in an ice cream kiosk is surprisingly tiring.

  9. Wish I hadn't deleted everything off my profile before I left here for ages.

  10. Mindless Self Indulgence on 28th October, and then Evanescence + The Used on 9th November! I feel like I really got lucky with concerts this year I saw Emilie Autumn a couple of months ago and she was incredible
  11. Not been on here in months!

  12. Been to: Bowling For Soup, April 2010 My Chemical Romance with Twin Atlantic, 23rd October 2010 Paramore with B.o.B and fun., 15th November 2010 My Chemical Romance with LostAlone and The Blackout, 12th February 2011 Going to: Evanescence with The Pretty Reckless and Fair To Midland, 4th November 2011. I've been to so few. I really want to see Emilie Autumn live sometime.
  13. Yep :D I got a lie in today anyway because I didn't go to school x3

  14. Oh, right x3 Nice to meet you too! :)

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