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    Bands - like a lot (especially MCR, Nirvana and The Cure), art, SuperWhoLockian, books, Harry Potter, Criminal Minds, the internet, psychology, films, and yeah, that's it, I think...
  1. Though I'm only 15, I shall be 21 by time, so I consider myself it! *happy dance* I think that we should have a definate list of people attendin, and book the camp on that with maybe 100 extra spaces maybe?
  2. I'm reading The Final Testemant Of The Holy Bible by James Frey, so far AWESOME! Also reading Needfuk Things by Stephen King, I love anything by him <3
  3. Hey, Haven't heard from you for a while, are you okay? You know I'm there x

  4. sorry, I meant it sounded really scary...

  5. I heard about the stuff in London, and I just wondered if you're okay. I sounded really scary...:(

  6. I meant from the LURKER page..... and the MCR page on Facebook XD

  7. ohai. I got you're message. Where? I've never been to a concert or anywhere...

  8. I know you from somewheres XD

  9. Just dropping a quick comment to say that if you're taking over the UK side of the 10th anniversary celebrations, I'd do my best to help. I'm from Nottingham, and there's a serious lack of Killjoys in the midlands.

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