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  1. I wish the 'Make your own killjoy jacket' was worldwide. Not just the states.

    1. river


      I do too (even though I live in the states.) It's really unfair :(

  2. Nope. It was a raaaaaaaaandom thought.

    Why did I draw the AAAAAA out for so long?

  3. Hahahaha I have never have that luck actually! Did it happen to you?

  4. I know dude. It's gotta be the best game ever.

    Have you ever just happened to be playing it and have the bottle land on you and your crush?

  5. Ugghh, that sounds pretty shitty. Wow, spin the bottle?! I haven't played that in forever! That's sweet hahaha


    And it was super cold and rainy (as it always is here in Washington...) and they made it last way to long so there wasn't more than five minutes left to eat lunch :(

    BUT HEY! At recess we played spin the bottle and didn't get caught!

  7. Changing my avatar/picture should not be this difficult..I give up.

  8. OMG. That's so small! That's awesome. Sucks that the weather was so shitty though :(

    Speaking of weather it is GORGEOUS out today here, I love it :D

  9. It could have easily fit on a nail clipping.

    And we didn't even do this in school. It was some crazy thing that this one guy gave to us as a gift, and we did it on this TINY boat. And the ground was slippery, and it was awful weather, and it was freezing cold, and I almost fell overboard!

  10. Good call on that one! That would suck if you went to touch it and it just freaked out and stung you.

    As if you had to look at it from under a microscope! That's crazy, it must have been so small! I wish I we could have done cool stuff like that when I was in school. :(

  11. uhhhhhhhhh... I don't even know. But luckily I wasn't stupid enough to touch it xD! If it was some kind of REALLY venomous jelly that roams around the ocean here, I might be dead right now. So I did not touch it. But it was really pretty! And it was so small that to see how pretty it was we had to look in a microscope! Coolx2.

  12. LOLOLOL Baby is a terrible song.

    That sounds super awesome though! Do the tiny jellyfish sting? I'd be so scared of that!

  13. Yeah, my dad uses it... around 3 hours every single day. And he calls, texts, and everything else. And a completely different subject: I had a feild trip yesterday. IT WAS SO FUN (even though everyone was singing Baby)!!! We studied plankton, and I caught a teeny-tiny little jelly fish. IT WAS SO CUTE. Just sayin.

  14. Whaaat?! That's crazy! I heard that it only affects you A LOT if you use it for calling and stuff because it's right by your face/brain. The majority of the time I am texting with my phone, so I feel like I might be safe!

  15. HAHA! Do you know that my dad uses his cellphone so much that because of the radiation that comes off of it he has big sores all over his face? I have an absolutely crazy dad.

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