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  1. I purchased Kobra Kid's jacket today(:

  2. Fuck yeah! Getting Kobra Kid's jacket!!!

  3. hm, I see.

    that's odd but alright(:

  4. I know that now. I just could never see it before. :] Mods can't see reputation the same way everyone else can. *excluded* LOL

  5. you have a reputation.

    It goes your profile picture, "Remove as Friend, Send Me a Message, Find my Content" and then your reputation is right below that.

    but it has a 0 which means no one's give you the little plus thing (because we can't).

    mines in the same place.

  6. Haha! Yeah, I just signed out and signed back in to see what it might look like. We don't even see reputation when we go to profile pages. Weird.

  7. I'm not sure. Haha! I think we just don't have "reptuation." And you guys' reputation is invisible for us. Where do you see it? It all shows up slightly differently for me.

  8. why can't you click the cute little plus sign for mods so that their rep goes up?

    'cause I would've clicked it for you 347028937594705392750425034275870342584057340875 times..... that's an accurate number too.


  9. So many people make the same threads.

    1. Guest


      I'm glad I'm not the only one bothered by this.

  10. Hey MCRmy! If you're from Ohio, follow @OhioMCRmy on Twitter!!!

  11. yup, yup, yup.

    I try and help as much as I can.

    you usually beat me to a lot of things, though.

    like when people post things in the wrong places. as soon as I see your username, I'm just thinkin, "She's got this." hahah.

  12. Yeah I can imagine! The mods already do a fantastic job, so I guess we can just help 'em out in the meantime :D

  13. you're welcome(:

    I emailed her about a week ago I think.

    I tweeted her yesterday about it, though, and she said she was pretty swamped with everything.


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