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    I love music old and new, I always have my nose stuck in a book and enjoy films.

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  1. Quorn burgers-100% real uniquorn meat -phaha

  2. Can't stop cleaning...

  3. I'm going to find life on this planet..so quiet on here lately..

  4. Coughing with a bad back=bad combo.

  5. Happy new year! Let's continue to fight the dracs and stay shiny!

  6. Happy new!! Let's continue to fight the dracs and stay shiny!

  7. Cheers for the add :) hope to see you around the boards soon! I'm cookie ;)

  8. Thanks! :) I hope I can make it too, especially since I missed last year. T_T Did you get to go? Or are you going to? I know there were/are a few UK dates, but I'm not sure if there were any near you.

  9. Yeah, sherwood forest is near Nottingham and is the home of the major oak and the forests are lush there is alot of Robin hood related things to do and buy. Warped tour sounds amazing btw! Hope you do get to go :D

  10. Sounds like a lot of fun. :) I'm probably gonna sound totally stupid, but do they have a lot of Robin Hood related stuff in Nottingham? Like tourist stuff?

    I actually kind of want to go to Warped this summer. There are only two dates in the whole damn state this year, but I think I can actually make it this time. XD

  11. Going to Manchester ( hella shopping trip ) sherwood forest, been to Nottingham with my friends and going back later this year errmm and local places really, I can't afford going abroad although I may be going to Disney land Paris next year. xD

  12. That sounds great! Where are you gonna go?

    Sucks about the weather though... it's been crappy here too. Today's the first good day out of "hey, here's a giant bucket of water for ya" and "Who set the thermostat to Hell?!"

  13. Well here in merry old England the summer has been dreadful so far so I'm just hoping the weather will pick up. Many trips away planned though.

  14. I am... it stresses me to all hell, but I get to travel, so that's good. XD

    How have you been spending the livelong summer?

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