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  1. seriously, fuck you and your brevity.

  2. If this has already been addressed, I apologize. Can we get an app?
  3. is having one of those days where she really misses being a DJ

  4. CW stuck in my head. It's a good thing

  5. Operation: Igloo Office, the sequel

  6. my office smells like green apples... I see nothing wrong with this

  7. Humm...July 10,2013. A year from today. Although, I can't imagine that actually being it- No one really starts up a tour the end of July, and I really doubt they are going to put out an album and not tour on it
  8. this is the part where the needle skips and the chorus plays like a sink that drips.

  9. rise against- help is on the way
  10. hope to see you too! and i'll say hi this time :)

  11. I hope to see you again sometime SOOOOOOOOOOOON! :)

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