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  1. Can any Scottish fans go to the Scottish thread in gangs? We're trying to sort a meet up :)

  2. ahhh, man you looked like someone i was talking to :) nevermind xx

  3. Hi, I just got your comment! Ah, no, I was only at the Glasgow gig :P xo

  4. ok right, i know this sounds wierd. but i really reconise you, were you by any chance at the newcastle gig?

  5. Anyone traveling from Scotland for the Leeds festival?

  6. Ok, I've reached 100 posts on here :P I think I should go to bed now...G'night Killjoys <33

  7. Tramp has been informed. Bullying shall commence. ;)

  8. Mariel! Bully Claire into getting an account on here :P

  9. I really should get to bed...but I wanna finish reading...decisions decisions decisions...

  10. Hi :) I saw you had Harley as your icon, so you got istantly added :P I love Harley <3

  11. jfjgoridsjogdsj *runs to Scotland thread

  12. Hey, I've been adding Scottish Killjoys, hope ya don't mind! xo

  13. MARIEL! We're thinking of sorting a Scottish Killjoy meet up either in Edinburgh or Glasgow...I expect to see your sexy face there...

  14. Pip you sexy beast...

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