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  1. "Okay, I'm gonna go to sleep now..." *20 minutes later* "I LOVE THESE PEOPLE HERE! Gonna sleep now.." *30 minutes later* Still here.

  2. y'know, I used to be obsessed with being on Facebook 24/7, but now I'm here and LiveJournal all the time.

  3. making my list of things i want for my birthday. #1 item? Kobra Kid jacket ♥

    1. RadioactiveSunshine


      Or maybe JUST Kobra Kid? xD

  4. i hope that's thunder oustide...! I love thunderstorms!!

  5. watching "Labyrinth" again O_O ..oh how I can't. stop. watching. this.!

    1. Dee Dee Ramone

      Dee Dee Ramone

      Yeah, awesome movie! made a big impression on me, I was really little when I first saw it. I thought David Bowie was a girl in the beginning, then the camera zoomed out 0.0

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